6 Recovery Tips + Tools

Working out hard [especially running] means that you need to learn to recover harder than you work out. Your recovery training is just as important [if not more important] as your actual training! Below are some of our favorite recovery tips + tools to help make sure that you are able to stay strong + healthy all training long! 

This is by + far the most important recovery tool in your arsenal. Sleep affects all of your bodily systems + making sure you’re getting enough sleep will help make sure your muscles are able to repair + come back stronger than before. It’s recommended you get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night — so double down on that after a big workout! 

Taking an ice bath post workout helps reduce inflammation, flush out lactic acid, + reduce swelling + breakdown. Make your own ice bath by buying a 2 gallon bag of ice + filling your tub with it + cold water. It will hurt *so good* when you first get in, but you’ll be numb after about 2 minutes. Try to stay in between 10-20 minutes! *20 minutes max — longer could be damaging. 

Laying on your back with your hips as close to the wall + legs stretched up the wall is a great way to increase circulation, reduce swelling in your legs, stretch your hamstrings + lower back ++ feel really good! Stay in this pose for anywhere between 5-15 minutes. 

You probably don’t want to dime up for a pair of compression boots — but you might be able to find a recovery studio or gym near you that has these where you can try them! Another option is grabbing some compression socks. While not the full action of the boots — compression can enhance oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, + reduce cramping [source]. You can run in them or put them on after a run. I wear these for some of my long runs! 

It’s the recovery tool you love to hate. Foam rolling helps relieve muscle tightness, soreness + can increase your mobility! We recommend this foam roller — make this a part of your daily routine ; ) 

You can get 2 for $10 + it will take your foam rolling + myofascial release to the next level. The lacrosse ball is perfect for your feet, calves, + tight knots from build up of training. I sit on mine while working + it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. 

*Want to take it up a level? Try the Hyperice Hypersphere — a vibrating ball that will take your recovery to the next level.

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