6 Reasons To Love Life As You Grow Older

As we transition from high school to college, college to *post-grad*, or any other major change in our life we can be faced with some emotional + unfavorable feelings. It’s a blessing to look back on our lives + not want to leave it behind — it means we did something right, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s effortless to think that when we are no longer young things will only get harder + harder ++ that the fun stops here. But growing older doesn’t have to be a negative experience — in fact, there are so many reasons that life as you get older is great — dare we say *even better* than before.

With each passing day we become more confident + independent, all while experiencing so many new things that make each of us *US*. Here are some of the many reasons that this life is just gettin’ better as you grow older:


Or even college, for that matter — your future is wide open. For some of us, growing up was hardly a cakewalk. The people you meet will only be interested in who you are today — not who you were back then. It won’t matter how many friends you had, if you were in the right friend group, or if you made some mistakes in high school. All that matters is that you take those experiences — good or bad + use them to form your unique self.


Something very important comes along with being independent — confidence. As you grow self-reliance you will realize how strong you are + how important it is to love yourself. Incidentally, you will become so much more self-aware + be able to listen to *take your own advice* — which will spread to all aspects of your life.


While moving from city to city + changing addresses every few months in college is fun, it sometimes creates a feeling that everything is temporary — the people + places aren’t forever. While the brief moments can be a great thing it can also shift you off-balance. When you’re older + life is more stable you will have stronger bonds built as time passes, whether or not that was present in your high school//college life.


Life slows down, + that is not a bad thing. You will begin to learn the *value* of being able to pick + choose what you want from life. In time you will realize that the things you kept lingering are there for a reason, + the things you need to leave behind, you are able to let go. You can do whatever you want with your life — the world is your oyster. This gives us a feeling of control over our future that most people crave.


It’s no secret that the older you get the more life experiences you have. We feel experiences are really what ages us — rather than our years. When we shift our thinking, looking at age by experience, we realize that we have a whole life ahead of us to be lived with so much more to learn//see//do. On the same note, we also look back at our major accomplishments + feel a sense of pride — *momma, we made it.* ; )


The world is suddenly more open. You aren’t confined to one place or college campus to meet people + grow your life. Your opinions will be formed by you + only you, based on your experiences. You will no longer be limited to the friends you meet on your sports team, in your sorority or classes — your horizons will be expanded + you can develop relationships on something deeper than on the surface.

So many things will change as you get older. There is a whole life ahead of you waiting to be lived. It may not be the same as it has been, but that doesn’t mean it will be worse. In the *real world* there is no more need to prove who you are — you just get to be you + enjoy it as much as you can. You learn to let go of how things *should be* ++ in the process you realize that you love how things *are*.

++ Abigail [abigail.inchaarg], UK CHAARG

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