6 Healthy Living Podcasts You Need To Check Out

#runCHAARG is well underway + what better way to inspire yourself to crush those 30 bolts [or 40 ; )] than by listening to healthy lifestyle podcasts? Podcasts in the health + fitness world are a concept that have been around for quite some time, but have recently become the hottest new thing with CHAARGies [since Sriracha made it’s debut ; )]. There are podcasts on every health + wellness topic you can imagine. It’s like having a personal trainer, nutritionist, professional organizer, + zen teacher all in your back pocket. If you’ve been meaning to start listening, but don’t know where to start, check out just a few of CHAARG’s favorites…


The Jillian Michaels Show

Jillian Michaels [the hugely successful #GIRLBOSS in the health + fitness industry] got the podcast memo before many of us were even in college. She speaks about everything — from fitness to topics on being brave + reinventing yourself. If you don’t know who Jillian Michaels is, all you need to know is that she so would have been #inCHAARG in college ; ) // PODCAST HERE


Radio Headspace

Headspace is an app for guided meditation practices, + now they have a podcast series [++ a blog, but who’s counting]! Definitely download the app if you are looking for a place to start in the meditation world. While the app revolves solely around meditation, the podcast series is based around all things dealing with emotions, kindness, change, living in the moment + meditation [of course]. // PODCAST HERE

Gabrielle Berstein

Gabby Bernstein seems to be every CHAARG girls newest obsession – she is an incredibly powerful speaker, she has completely turned her life upside down + she is THE original Spirit Junkie! Gabby has written several books, been the keynote speaker at events for Soul Cycle + Lululemon, ++ now she has a podcast! Her meditation based podcasts can really bring some #positivevibes to your everyday life. // PODCAST HERE

EAT //

The Nutrition Diva

Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel dishes up incredible nutrition knowledge + quick tips for eating well + feeling fabulous. Her podcast series touches on nutrition facts [i.e. are raw mushrooms unhealthy?], tips to make healthy eating easier + women’s overall health. Maybe you are a CHAARGie who likes to cook, or your theme for 2016 is to live the happiest + healthiest life possible [which probably includes learning how to cook ; )] – either way, you can benefit from the immense knowledge from the Nutrition Diva herself! // PODCAST HERE



Chris McAlister wants YOU to lead life with the brave foot forward. The SightShift series is all about channeling your inner #GIRLBOSS by facing your fears, doing difficult tasks, empowering others + removing negative habits from your life. Chris talks about topics like gratitude, enjoying your relationships, facing your fears head on + being an optimist. This podcast series will motivate you to do incredible things ++ be a kick butt CHAARG girl. // PODCAST HERE


Organize Mindfully

Being organized for classes, campus organizations + work can leave your personal life + space a little neglected + somewhat of an unorganized mess. Utilize Organize Mindfully, a series about organizing your life – it may spark your inspiration to organize tangible parts of your life [ living space, calendar, car], or intangible parts [dreams, goals]. Any aspect of your life that needs organizing — this podcast can give you the motivation to do it all. // PODCAST HERE

Whether you are in classes, interning, or you’re a post-grad CHAARGie in da *real world*, planning time to stream your podcasts along with your busy schedule can be tricky. Listening to your favorite podcast while you log those #runCHAARG bolts is the perfect way to hit two birds with one stone. Tuning in during your morning commute or while grocery shopping are also great ways to multitask + still fit in a podcast. Either way, get out there + get listening!


xo, Delaney, UC CHAARG 





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