We’ve helped 583 women learn to love running… what are you waiting for?

Our newest program: CHAARG Run Club 5K ✨

Want to get into running, but not sure where to start?
Recently coming back from an injury + looking to get back into running?
Looking to run your first [or fastest!] 5K yet?

New runners + advanced runners… we are ready for you!

No Matter Your Experience… We Got You! We Have 2 Training Plans To Choose From:


First 5K

  • 8 weeks
  • This plan is for you if you… 
    • Can comfortably walk 1 mile 
    • Little to no experience running [but are interested in trying it!] 
    • Were an experienced runner, but have had a set back due to injury + want to get back into the swing of things
    • Want to check off *completing a 5K* from your bucket list
    • Love the CHAARG community + want a goal to work towards this summer! 

Fastest 5K

  • 8 weeks
  • This plan is for you if you… 
    • Are currently running 10-15 miles/week [*the first week’s longest run is 3.5 miles]
    • Experienced runner + have completed various races of distances… including a couple of 5Ks under your belt
    • Want to do some serious SPRINT training this summer ; )
    • Looking to improve your 5K time [hello, new PR!]
    • Love the CHAARG community + want a goal to work towards this summer! 

CHAARG Run Club Member Perks!


8 Week Training Plan [3-5 runs/week + 1 strength workout/week]

8 Runner SAM Routines

Online Slack Community With Your Coach

1 Live Group Coaching Webinar

Free Finisher’s Bolt Medal

Free Tank, *First 100 Who Join!

Free I Can + I Will MantraBand, *First 200 Who Join!

Our CHAARG Run Club 5K Program will have everyone ready to run their first [or fastest!] 5K for our race weekend of July 23-25. What better way to celebrate the start of the Olympics [!!!] than with a celebratory 5K! : ) With COVID restrictions easing, we expect many local 5K races to be open so you can even complete yours with an in person race! 

Save The Date: We’ll also [of course!] have a CHAARG Run Club Virtual 5K during July 23-25 weekend with all finishers receiving a finisher bolt gold medal 🌟

Everything You’ll Receive As A CHAARG Run Club Member:

  • Your choice of a 8 week training plan [First 5K or Fastest 5K]
  • 32-40+ workouts, including weekly strength workouts
  • Weekly strength + mobility routines
  • 1 live group coaching webinars led by CHAARG Run Club Coach Sarah Clem
  • CHAARG Run Club slack group to ask questions to your coach + connect with members!
  • Weekly newsletters filled with training tips
  • Access to the CHAARG Run Club Training Portal
  • CHAARG Run Club finisher BOLT medal to all finishers
  • Free entry to the CHAARG Run Club virtual 5K during the July 23-25 weekend
  • 100 Swag Bags: Lole x CHAARG Run Club Tank, I Can + I Will MantraBand, + Ultima Electrolyte Sample Pack
  • ++ All the support you’ll need to get that gold medal : )

Meet Your Coach: Sarah Clem

Join CHAARG Run Club + have your personal coach on hand — Coach Clem ; ). More about Sarah…

  • Director of Leadership at CHAARG + has 15+ years of running experience!
  • UESCA certified running coach who has raced everything from the mile to marathons
  • Will answer all of your running questions in the CHAARG Run Club slack group + help you adjust the plan as needed
  • Leader of the CHAARG Run Club Coaching Webinar: Running 101

Take a look at a week in






Not sure what your pace is for tempo, speed, recovery, + long runs? Don’t worry, we will be covering all of this in the CHAARG Run Club Training Portal, that you will have access to. We will have a pace chart for everyone — from 6:30/mile to 20:00/mile!

*Does this weekly workout routine look intimidating to you? Or, maybe you’d rather only workout 3X a week due to your busy schedule? No worries at all. If you decide you only want to workout 3X a week, we recommend #1] Recovery Run, #2] Choosing Tempo or Speed Run, + #3] Long Run. We will talk much more about this in the webinars + slack group : ).


Q: “I’m embarrassed by my running ability… I’m very much a beginner runner, but running a 5K has always been something that I’ve wanted to do. How do I know if this is for me?”

A: “We believe running is for everyone + that forward is a pace. This program is for all running abilities [especially new runners!]. You got this!”

Whether you love running + run every day or you don’t consider yourself a runner [yet!] — CHAARG Run Club is for you.

If you’re not a brand new runner, then you should do the Fastest 5K plan! This is great if you’ve ran a 5K before ++ are now looking to become faster. No worries about your current pace (if you’re just getting back into running — that’s OK!). Our pace chart will suit all levels ; ) 

If you’re recovering from an injury (but have been cleared by an MD or PT to run) then you should go with the First 5K plan! This plan is a walk-run plan that will take you from being able to comfortably walk 1 mile to being able to run a 5K! This will help you with re-building your running endurance in a safe + healthy way ; ) 

YES! We encourage you do the First 5K Training Plan — it’s perfect for new runners! 

You’ll receive your first newsletter with access to our CHAARG Run Club 5K Training Portal on Sunday, May 30.

Training begins Tuesday, June 1!


We can’t wait to run with you!

Registration closes Monday, May 28!

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QUESTIONS? REACH OUT TO [email protected]