No Body is Perfect — 5 Yoga Modifications for Any Body

We’ve all walked into a yoga class where it can be super intimidating. It’s a packed studio + everyone seems to be a master yogi with years of practice ++ we try our best to keep up with the flow — but it’s just not happening ++ that’s OKAY! Every body is different. When we incorporate movement, sometimes they don’t do everything we’d like them to! It’s way more important to listen to our bodies than to try + force ourselves into something just because the girl next to us can do it. To ease some of the stress of finding yoga modifications, we’ve got five easy ones that you can add into any flow to make it more your own!


This might sound like a silly thing to say, but it’s often something that we overlook. Bending our knees in anything from a forward fold to downward dog can make all of the difference. When we have any sort of back tenderness, especially in the lower back, bending our knees is a great way to take some of that pressure off. It can also help take some of the pressure off the upper part of the spine.


Wrist tenderness gets pushed to the back burner more often than we would like to admit. In plank, cat, orcow, making a fist + having your knuckles parallel to your body can really help lighten the pressure off your wrists. Additionally, we can add a towel//thin blanket under our palms instead of under our fingers for more comfort. 


When it comes to using blocks, we can feel extremely self-conscious about actually using them, but blocks love us ++ we should love them back! Blocks can be especially useful in downward facing dog. You can either have two blocks under your hands that helps raise your upper body to take pressure off your wrists//lower back OR we can have our feet on two blocks to help lengthen the spine.


We meant it when we said blocks are our friends. Blocks are great for beginners + pro yogis alike. We love using blocks when in Warrior 3, Triangle, + Bridge. Certain seasons of the year can actually influence how well we can ground ourselves in poses + sometimes we need a little extra help. We can’t say it enough — there’s no shame in using yoga blocks + you should never be afraid of judgement! 


When in doubt, child’s pose it out. Nothing feels better to us than taking a minute [or five ; )] in child’s pose. Child’s pose is extremely calming, reduces stress, + really helps us reset during a flow. It’s also a great time for us to check in with ourselves + see if we’re actually listening to our bodies. After all, our bodies are the most important part of a flow + it’s crucial to listen to them! 

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