5 Ways to Stay Accountable for Your New Year’s Intentions

If you’ve ever set New Year’s Goals [or intentions!], then you know that it can often be difficult to hold yourself accountable throughout the year. It’s not our fault — life gets crazy, spring semester classes pick up, jobs begin to require more of our attention, etc. Whatever the excuse that we’re giving ourselves is, it’s important to remember that our resolutions + intentions ARE important. We set them at the beginning of the year for a reason + we deserve to follow through with them. Here are three tips to hold yourself accountable this New Year —

#1] Recognize Your Shortcomings

We aren’t perfect. As CHAARG women, we have learned to embrace our flaws + shortcomings, rather than hide from them. With this, comes the understanding that we won’t be perfect in achieving our New Year’s resolutions // intentions. Being aware of this prior to setting your intentions will give the hard days less power over you. We’ve all been at a point in our lives where we messed up or weren’t seeing immediate progress + let that discourage us completely. It’s time to take that power back. Knowing that no one is perfect + we will all have bad days on our journeys to reaching our intentions gives you control over the situation + allows you to bounce back even stronger.

#2] Use Daily Reminders

If you’re like us, then seeing something day after day is the most effective way to remind yourself to do that thing. For me personally, my intention for 2018 was to stay present + I was so grateful to be gifted a My Intent bracelet from CHAARG Nationals with the word “present” on it. Wearing this bracelet everyday reminds me of the intention I set for myself, why I set it + why I owe it to myself to hold myself accountable to it. My bracelet is just one example of using a tangible daily reminder to remind yourself of your resolutions // intentions. Something as simple as sticking a Post-It note on your bathroom mirror to see every morning, making your laptop background something related to your intention, or even setting daily reminders on your phone can make all the difference in whether you are holding yourself accountable or not. It’s pretty hard to ignore something that stares back at you every single day!

#3] Talk Through the Hard Days

Like we said, there will be days where it’s hard to remember the importance of making a promise to yourself. When these days come, look to your friends, family + loved ones for support. Talk it through with them. Sometimes, all it takes is explaining to someone else WHY you set this intention for yourself to help you realize the importance of not giving up on it. New Year’s resolutions + intentions are meant to be a way to better yourself. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. Just remember, YOU deserve to put yourself first + make yourself a priority.

#4] Partner Up

One of the biggest benefits we’ve gotten out of CHAARG is a community of girls to help hold ourselves accountable to reach our goals. When setting your intentions for the new year, find a friend [or family member!] to share them with. If you’re both working toward the same intention, it will be easier for you to hold each other accountable + keep each other motivated to stay on track throughout the year.

#5] Share on Social Media

If you’re comfortable, sharing your intentions on social media is a GREAT way to hold yourself accountable. Not only does seeing your post on your feed everyday remind you of the intentions you’ve set, but in a way, you are speaking these intentions into existence. Verbally stating your intentions manifests them into your mindset [pro tip — your _inCHAARG insta is PERFECT for this ; )]

Have you found other methods that are effective in holding yourself accountable to the intentions you set for yourself? Share your tips with us!

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