5 Ways To Beat Stress Snacking

We’ve all been there — You finished up crushing one final + in true finals week grind, it’s on to the next one. It’s easy to let life + your classes take control during finals week + the days leading up to your exams, but it’s incredibly important to take care of yourself too, especially during a stressful period. Instead of hitting up the vending machine//checking out which late night spots will deliver to the library after midnight, work these tips into your schedule to make sure you feel energized + STRONG throughout your exam period. Finals week is stressful enough as it is — don’t waste your energy by worrying about your health.


If you’re spending hours studying + not moving, your mind will eventually turn to food as you naturally get hungry. It’s easy to go for convenience [+ taste, of course ; )] + order delivery//grab something quick to go, but prioritize healthy + nutrient-dense meals instead. Take a little time to choose a meal that will leave you feeling energized rather than full + sluggish. If your schedule is extra crammed , schedule time to prep meals + snacks so you have healthy options ready when you need to grab + go [you probably earned a break anyway ; )].


Getting out of the library//dorm//apartment for a little activity can help you break out of a studying rut without turning to food. Using your break to get some movement in — even if it’s only a walk around campus — can help give your brain time to #reCHAARG [the endorphins are good for ya ; )], helping to keep stress at a minimum [MUCH needed during weeks like this].


One of the best ways to avoid the temptation to snack is to remove the foods that trigger cravings. If it’s not near you, you’re not going to find yourself making decisions that you may regret. Instead of turning to sugar or *empty* calorie foods that may taste good [but won’t leave you feeling that great], stock up on healthier snacks like granola, fruit, veggies, + hummus to keep around when your tummy starts growling — if you need inspiration, check out our protein popcorn + these mason jar snacks for when you’re on-the-go : ).

When you pick out a healthy snack, try not to eat while you study. Use it as a break + take time away from the books // your laptop. If you snack *while* studying, you’re more likely to lose track of how much you’re eating, which can leave you feeling bloated + make focusing on your work more difficult.


We know, this one’s a toughie ; ) Instead of going for coffee or lattes that are filled with sugary syrups + heavy creamers, opt for more simple teas. Certain blends can curb your craving for something sweet, + the less intense caffeine in tea will help you #reCHAARG without the eventual crash. Not sure which kind to get? Check out our guide to all things tea here.


We’re all for rewards when it’s time to #TreatYoSelf, but food doesn’t need to be your prize during finals week. View food as something to keep you fueled + energized throughout your studying + exams ++ use your break time to do something you enjoy to get your mind off of whatever has you stressed out. Use this time to unwind with friends // zone out with Netflix instead of using food to manage your emotions.

Finals week is just that — a week. It’s important to focus on doing well, but don’t sacrifice feeling well in the process. You’ll get through it + you WILL own it.   


+ Ali [@ali.inchaarg], virtCHAARG girl from Philly

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