5 Ways To Make Your Mornings Feel Less Hectic

You hit snooze 30 minutes past the time you told yourself you would *really wake up,* you run around to get dressed + ready for the day, grab a quick [if any] breakfast, along with a to-go cup of joe, then you’re out the door for a long day full of classes//work. Does any of this sound familiar? We feel you. You wake up in the morning only to feel rushed, overwhelmed + unprepared for the day ahead of you? You are not alone in the continual journey of hectic mornings of spilled coffee, rushed commutes + racing minds.

It is difficult to establish a solid morning routine as a college student, or young professional. This could be due to the fact that a lot of young women have a laundry list of to-dos that keep us on the go from dawn until the wee hours of the night. Because we tend to rush around during our day trying to accomplish everything on our to-do list, the *sprint* from morning until evening mindset makes its’ way to our personal lives. Which makes us feel like our mornings should be hectic + our evenings should be spent catching up on emails, meetings + finishing our to-dos – when in reality these are the times in the day that are meant to be spent peacefully. When mornings are spent devoting time to yourself, you aren’t only happier, but you’re more productive. If you are yearning to spend your mornings at ease [watching GMA with cup of coffee in hand ; )] read our 5 ways to make your morning less hectic.


Having some sort of nightly routine before falling asleep, whether that consists of something as small as writing in a journal about things that your grateful for//makes you happy, or it’s devoting 30-45 minutes each night to indulging in a facemask, a cup of tea + your favorite book. It’s also said that you should get rid of phones, laptops + electronics 30-60 minutes before you plan on heading to bed. During this time you could pack your lunch for tomorrow, lay out your outfit or spend this time doing something happy + uplifting. Also, prepping for the most productive morning will make it easier to get out of bed in the morning [i.e. setting a glass of lemon water, your vitamins + your journal all on your bedside table for the next morning].


Some of the most successful celebs, CEOs + wellness gurus in the world are early risers for the simple reason that they deserve to take time for themselves. The mornings seem to be a time when everything is at peace + time almost stands still [that is if you’re running late ; )]. Rising early is proactive way to insure you can take a peaceful moment to yourself + accomplish other morning tasks without rushing before you head out the door.


This doesn’t mean a complete day long tech detox – promise! But it’s important to set aside 5-10 minutes of time each morning to do something for yourself before checking your emails, insta likes, or new snapchat messages. Fill your brain with self-love before filling it with technology. Do something you enjoy doing for that time! Maybe that’s making a cup of coffee, journaling, sitting on the front porch to eat your breakfast or playing with your pup. You deserve those few moments of peacefulness before your day is engulfed in emails, texts, snapchat + insta.


If you have a passion, side hustle or fun hobby project you’ve been working on start with that first thing in the morning, rather than answering work emails before you’re even in the office. You will feel more energized + be able to do something you love right away! This will also fuel your motivation tank with #PositiveVibes. Another alternative is to call//send a nice text a friend, family member or co-worker each morning. You can even start with positive self-affirmations [i.e. I am comfortable in my beautiful skin + confident to tackle any challenge that is thrown in my path today].


One last to-do for your morning – we know your mornings are already jam packed, but trust us on this one. Taking maximum 5 minutes to set your intentions for the day will help you start your day off on the right foot + help you exude the changes you wish to see in your life. This could be anything from *be grateful for the small things today* or *pay it forward + purchase a coffee for the person behind me in line* or *blow my professor//boss away during my presentation today.* If you would rather, setting your intentions can be practiced right before you go to sleep. The main thing is writing it down. You are more likely to do something if you write it down.

You may not jump out of bed at the sound of your first alarm, run 6 miles, enjoy a long leisurely breakfast, or meditate for an hour each morning, but these 5 tips will make your morning less hectic + help you #RadiatePositiveVibes throughout the entire day. Have a few tricks that make you feel less rushed in the morning? Share your wealth of knowledge below!

++Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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