5 Ways To Live With Intention

Living an *intent-driven* life seems like something almost every CHAARG girl has got down. We get in our daily #sweatsesh in the weight room, crushing yet another Fit Plan workout. We prep the healthiest #CHAARGeats + we always Instagram everything to a T — hashtags, emojis + all. But committing to every action of our day, week after week, with a specific intention can be a lot easier said than done. Whether our intention is detailed [ex. no Facebook//Instagram during midterm week] or more general [ex. to practice mindfulness], I imagine many of us might already be stuck in a different routine. Ya know — the *snooze your alarm, get ready for class//work at the last possible moment, glassy-eyed* kind of routine…

So, guess what? It’s time to *wake up*, smell the coffee [yes please!], + get back on track. We have five tips to help you return to your life, led by intention. Whether you try just one or all of these out now, always remember that you can return to them whenever you need to!

#1] Set one intention, daily

Sometimes, we can really overthink the simple things ; ). One of the best ways to return to your intentions + making the most of your day is to make sure you’re always setting them! Each night, think about what’s in store for tomorrow + create your intention before you go to sleep. An awesome way to really set your intention into place is to physically write it down in your personal journal//planner. We also love adding ours as our phone alarm message pop-up, since seeing it first thing in the morning definitely helps reinforce the intention for the day ahead.

#2] Create your own personal mantra

Along with a daily intention, a personal mantra can help put your mind in the right perspective. From something similar to Gabby Bernstein’s “love flows where my intention goes” to a more simple, “I will what I want”, mantras reinforce our mission, especially during those times of need. Establish your own mantra + recite it during moments of anxiety, uncertainty, or whenever you feel like you’ve lost focus of your intention — trust us, these words will help bring you back!

#3] Give yourself 10 minutes every day to do *nothing*

The catch? You have to actually do nothing. For many of us, this can easily become a daily, dedicated time for meditation. ++ for those who are still unsure about this whole meditation thing, give it a shot! Even if it seems silly, pointless, or even hard, taking these brief moments to step back + clear your mind will actually help prioritize what’s most important. Your mind will most likely wander to your intentions, so go ahead + let it!

#4] Make your own intention space

For me, getting into the whole *intention creation mode* requires its own unique space + set-up. If coming up with your own daily intention starts becoming a more difficult task, consider your surroundings. In order to be honest + open [especially with ourselves], we must *feel* able to do so. Create a corner of your room that’s solely for this — this can also be perfect for meditation! Dim the lighting, burn soothing candles, snag your favorite blanket, + play relaxing [but not distracting] music. With your journal//planner in hand, you now have the perfect place to begin exploring your personal intentions!

#5] Wear your intention on your sleeve

Or neck. Or wrist. : ) ++ finally, a physical reminder can always help remind us of our intentions + the desires that feed life into them. We love Dogeared’s jewelry, because not only are the pieces super cute, but their unique, delicate designs motivate us to not just live an intent-filled life, but to go after an even better one. Dogeared makes the perfect, meaningful gift for your best friend, a loyal workout buddy, + of course, for yourself ; ) — whenever you need any motivation or self-love. Give in to your intentions + show the world what motivates you!

+ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

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