5 Ways To Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

It was a Tuesday. Busy day. I was pumped up + ready to complete Week 2 Day 2 of the #CHAARGSBFP. I had even changed into my workout clothes before my class to maximize my time at the gym. You see, I run on a tight schedule. If something goes awry, things get ugly.

As I put my things in my locker at the gym, I realized I was missing something. Where was my water bottle? My beautiful, brand new glass water bottle. Ugh. Lost.

I freaked. Money is tight + I just bought this guy. This was about to throw my whole day off! How could I concentrate on my workout now? I told myself I would. Yes, I would. I asked myself when I last filled it, where I last had it + all the obvious questions you ask when you lose something. The last question, though, was the most important: Do I believe in the goodness of people? If someone found it, would they turn it in for me to find?

While those questions burned in my brain, I decided to be innovative + try something new: I’ll wait + worry later. It’s time to sprint.

A few times I was distracted. What if I don’t find it? What if I have to buy another?

Alyssa. Bend. Just a little. I finished the rest of the workout without wondering, worrying, or wavering. 5.15 miles. #BOOM.

When I finished, I emailed the professor of the class I thought I left my water bottle in. She quickly replied that someone had given it to her before they left. People, man. They rock.

Ever had a day like that? So often, we let little things get in the way of our larger goals. We see setbacks as permanent + we overreact when minor bumps delay our progress. It’s important for us to *stop sweating the small stuff* ++ instead: focus on the good + be present, be alive, + be bold.



Hard course load? New workout? First date? Whatever it is, start saying yes more + no less. We get into these routines + we don’t want to throw things off balance. But — maybe a little change can be a good thing. Actually, maybe it can be great. Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong — think of what could go right.

#2] ASK

Personally, I’m sometimes reluctant to ask questions because I might look *unobservant* or *inattentive.* So I go all day//week //year without knowing what I need to know. But honestly, when people ask me questions I’m happy to answer them + I think highly of them because I can see they want to improve or help or learn — so why should I be scared to ask questions myself?

#3] TRY

Kind of goes without saying, but so often I’ll stop before I even start out of fear or uncertainty. What can you accomplish without the first step? Be willing to try — if you make a mistake, you’ll learn as you go! This well-known phrase is cliché, but true: you’ll never know if you don’t try.

 #4] BEND

People occasionally break when they should bend. An important quality I think everyone should embody is flexibility — literally + figuratively. You forgot your headphones? Run free. Can’t find your favorite sports bra? Pick another. Find another alternative. Think. Compromise. ++ Keep. Moving. Forward.


When bad things happen, you have two options: you can have fear or you can have hope. Fear closes people off + shuts them away. Hope brings people together + unites them for a greater cause. Hope might be the single most important idea you can believe in. Without hope, what else do you have?


Are you inspired to BE BOLD yet? ; ) Today’s challenge is to GET AFTER IT ++ join [or start!] the #CHAARG6AMCrew at your chapter today [+ who knows, maybe you’ll want to continuing going : )]. The middle of anything is when it’s the hardest to push through. You really need to dig deep. By joining the crew at your university, you will not only be inspired — you’ll be held accountable to show up. Not a morning person? Here’s 8 ways to become a morning person by the founder of #CHAARG6AMCrew herself!. Make sure to tag @CHAARG in your posts!


+ Alyssa [@thebusybee_], Penn State CHAARG


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