5 Things to Do This Semester for Your Mental Health

A new semester brings more friends, amazing memories, CHAARG events, + new opportunities. There are SO many things to look forward to, but there are also moments we all dread — the stress + chaos that comes with juggling school, work, ++ life. To ease your stress + make sure you are taking care of your mental health during those not so fun times, here are 5 things to do this semester to keep your mental health in check —

#1] Express gratitude + acknowledge accomplishments

Throughout the semester, it’s easy lose sight of everything we’ve accomplished as our minds are constantly focused on the work we have in front of us rather than the work we’ve already completed.

To mentally remind yourself of the accomplishments + progress you’ve been making, at the end of each day, grab your journal ++ write down 3 things you’ve accomplished during the day. You’ll conclude your night with positive thoughts + feel #inCHAARG rather than overwhelmed. While you’re writing down your accomplishments, also write down 3 things you are grateful for. To easily integrate this into your nightly routine, we recommend the 5 minute journal as it has spaces to fill in for all of this! : )

#2] Develop a new skill

It’s never too late to learn something new [+ it’s good for you]! Research has shown that continuing to learn throughout your life can be tied to greater optimism + satisfaction, along with a heightened ability to receive the most out of life. In addition to these benefits, the UK NHS states those who continue learning report higher well-being + greater capability to manage stress. So clear up some time in your schedule to try out a new skill//hobby! You can master a new hairstyle or workout or pick up a new hobby such as photography, baking, or drawing — the options are endless! Pick one that interests you + learn your way to a happier you!

#3] Work out with friends

By being a CHAARG girl, exercise is already a part of your life, so what’s better than reaping mental health benefits by doing something we enjoy? According to HelpGuide, exercise aids our well-being + those who exercise regularly “feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.” To learn more about how exercise aids your mental health ++ which exercises are the most beneficial for your mental well-being, check out this post!

We all know exercise is beneficial, but it can be even more beneficial when you add a friend! In times with large technology use, face-to-face interactions are ever more important for our well-being. The Harvard Women’s Health Watch stated, connecting with others “helps relieve harmful levels of stress.” Next time you hit the gym or plan a work out, invite a friend! Even more of a reason to attend your small group — you’ll get a great workout + help your mental wellbeing ; )

#4] Do one random act of kindness

A great way to do something good for yourself is to do something good for others. This can be as simple as holding the door for at least one person every day or volunteering your time to an organization you’re passionate about!

This semester set a goal for yourself to do at least one charitable act a month, whether it’s paying for a fellow student’s snack, giving out daily compliments, or donating unused items.

#5] Unplug

Pick at least one day every week to unplug from your phone for at least two hours. Whether that’s putting your phone away when you’re out with friends or turning it off to take time for yourself. Being away from your phone can help you connect with others + give you time to #reCHAARG! When you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, turning off the device constantly *begging* for your attention can be extremely beneficial.

Life can become overwhelming + stressful at times, especially during college, but don’t forget to put your health first! We’re challenging you to do at least one of these things for your mental health this semester ++ comment below the results you experience!

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