5 Signs You’re Officially Dehydrated [ + How To Fight It]


Now that it’s officially summer + the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP is in full swing– these HOT temps + killer #sweatseshes [; )] likely have ya sweatin’ up a storm. With all that sweat, staying hydrated is incredibly important. We know you’ve heard it before, but it is so true — your body NEEDS water + especially in the summer! Water helps your body with everything from digestion, to de-stressing, + it even keeps your brain in top shape. Our bodies are about water, but exercising can cause you to lose quite a lot of  that water + if you become too dehydrated, your body won’t be able to perform.

According to recent research, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. YIKES. That is ¾ of the population who aren’t drinking enough water… + most probably don’t even know it. The signs of dehydration can range from minor symptoms to very severe ones + it’s important to know how to spot them early on so you can get ta hydrating! So, what are the signs of dehydration? We’re glad you asked. : )



Water helps your body perform all of its normal functions, but when you are dehydrated, your body has to work extra hard to make up for the lack of water — resulting in fatigue + lethargy [+ sometimes even dizziness]. Feeling unusually tired today? Take it easy in the gym + instead of pouring a second cup of coffee, reach for some good ol’ H2O — you may be surprised at how much better you’ll feel!


Dehydration can often cause headaches + even migraines for some. There is quite a bit of research about the relationship between the two, one theory behind dehydration + headaches is that our blood vessels narrow when trying to maintain the amount of water in our bodies. This decrease the amount of oxygen traveling to the brain + can cause the headache. So before you take that ibuprofen, try sipping a big glass of water first!


We lose roughly 32-72 oz of water through just our normal daily activities [not even including rigorous exercise] + even if we lose only a small percentage of our body’s total water, our bodies start to feel thirsty. This thirst is a signal for us to DRINK UP since we’ve already lost quite a lot of water!


[Gross, we know…] But water helps your body flush out toxins + helps in with digestion. When your body is lacking in H20, toxins cannot be properly flushed out. Make sure you are urinating a decent amount + one of the easiest ways to make sure you are staying hydrated is to check to make sure it’s light yellow or clear in color. Dark urine [or lack thereof] is your cue to pick up that water bottle + DRANK!


When your body is desperate for water, it takes whatever H20 it can find. When this happens, our skin is one of the first places to lose moisture. Beware of dry, cool skin as a sign that your body is losing water + NEEDS more.

Want more info + other reasons water rocks? Check out why we love the Gallon Challenge!

So — to prevent or treat these symptoms first thing’s first + we gotta #StopDrop+Chug! We’ve heard the “eight glasses a day” rule for years + while it serves as a nice average to shoot for, every body differs in what it needs + most people need MORE than 8.

Your recommended intake varies depending on your bodyweight + level of activity [lots of exercise = lots of water! Chaargies, we’re lookin’ at you.] It is also necessary to drink more H2O due to pregnancy, hot temperatures, illness + caffeine consumption — so take these situations into account when figuring out YOUR target amount. Most importantly, listen to your body!  Thirsty? Tired muscles? Lingering headache? DRINK UP.


How do you stay hydrated? Let us know — Tag @chaarg + #inCHAARG on Instagram!

Drink up!

+ Isabelle [@isabelle_inchaarg], IU CHAARG

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