5 Reasons Your Next Purchase Should Be a Reusable Straw

You’ve heard of reusable straws + have probably seen them around campus but what’s the rage about? Here are 5 reasons why your next purchase should be a reusable straw.

#1] For the Turtles

It is too easy for these little plastic objects to end up in oceans + lakes. The harm that they cause to sea turtles has recently come to light but there are lots of other wildlife being affected by them as well. Helpless animals see plastic straws + mistake them for food. Plastic straws are clearly not food for them, though, + ultimately leave them severely injured + even dead!

#2] For the Environment

Plastic can be detrimental to the environment in many ways. For one, they are constantly releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Furthermore, they can take 1,000 years to decompose! So, if they’re not finding their way into lakes + oceans, they’re still piling up in landfills. 

#3] For Your Insta Pics

Everyone loves an artsy Starbucks shot for their Instagram ; ). With all the straw options out there now, anything is bound to look better than a piece of plastic sticking out of your drink. You can get colors that match your cup or cute stainless-steel straws that make any drink look 10 times fancier. Who would’ve thought that your straw would be a whole new way to make a statement?

#4] For the Economy

One plastic straw may be cheaper than one reusable straw, but it’s one of the rare things that you use once + throw away. Not only are they single use, but many people use multiple every day. This adds up + can not be compared to something you can reuse for years before replacing. There are also indirect costs, including those of the environment + our personal health. All of the negative impacts that plastic straws have will continue to come back + harm us, creating more problems that need to be solved.

#5] For the Convenience

Reusable straws are being made so that you can carry them with you anywhere. In comparison to plastic straws, they’re way better all around. Nothing is worse than pulling your straw out of your bag to find that it got bent in half + has a hole in it, or worse, you forgot to grab one altogether. Now, you will have one with you all the time. Recently restaurants have begun to cut back on their use of them, if you’re someone who prefers to use one, you never have to be stuck without one. 

. . .

There you have it — five undeniable reasons you should make the simple switch. If you’re not convinced yet, research the harm done by these straws + that should do it. Now that you’re ready to make the small investment, it’s time to pick out the perfect straw for you. If you want one that is easy to carry, check out Flathead Straws. Starbucks is always rocking new patterned ones that can fit perfectly into your reusable Starbucks cups. Or, if stainless steel is not your thing, maybe you would be better off with a bamboo one. Time to upgrade your coffee pics + save the environment at the same time!


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