5 Reasons To Use A Planner, Besides Organization

College is arguably one of the busiest times of our lives — Between class//work//clubs//building relationships + maintaining mental ++ physical health, our plates are pretty full. It’s easy to become overwhelmed //stressed, so we highly recommend using a planner! Many of us use planners to “stay organized”, but there are so many other benefits to using a planner. Here are some of our favorite *non-traditional* ways to use your planner —


Having a planner + using it correctly does more than keep your tasks organized; it gives you motivation to actually do them! Having a list of things to accomplish + actually accomplishing them can feel so good. One of the best ways to use a planner is to look at all of your syllabi//meetings//workouts + anything else you have going on that week ++ fill them into your planner. This way, you can decide what days to do different assignments based on how busy you are with other events. [Pro tip — make sure you write the due date next to each assignment in case you have to move things around. You don’t want to forget when the assignment is actually due!] Knowing that you only have a certain amount of tasks to do each day + being able to see your week mapped out makes life seem manageable ++ gives you the motivation to see it through!


Let’s face it, we all procrastinate from time to time.  Using a planner can help you see what tasks you have to accomplish + how much time you have to accomplish them. Like we said in the last tip, sometimes it can be helpful to plan out events //meetings first + then fill in homework//other assignments on the days you’ll have time to do them. Find a planner that works for you — some planners even have weekly “at a glance” pages that allow you to fill out your weekly plans down to the half-hour. Writing things out and physically seeing them in front of you can make it easier to manage your time + keep a good balance between school//work ++ life.


Do you ever look back on a week//month// or even year + wonder, *how did I spend my time?* If you’re anything like us, you might feel like time flies by — all of a sudden a month has passed ++ you realize you haven’t talked to a certain friend // tried something you wanted to try//or read that book you wanted to read, etc. It can be disheartening to realize how much time we spend on social media, watching Netflix or bumming around  [Not that a short Netflix binge ever hurt anyone; )]. Having a planner can help you see + plan how you want to spend your time — try setting goals such as reading 3 chapters of your new book // checking out that podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to // or reaching out to an old friend. Use your planner to look back on how you’ve been spending your time + be more intentional each day!


When I went home over Thanksgiving Break, I found my old planner from high school in my basement + couldn’t resist flipping through. It was like having a time machine — all of the memories of classes // practices + pep rallies came back to me. I loved getting to see everything in my own handwriting [which has gotten significantly messier since college ; )]. Old planners are such an intimate way to see exactly what our day-to-day lives used to look like. Personalizing them with little notes + goals is also a great way to see how far we’ve come.


We’re convinced there is nothing worse than the feeling that you are forgetting something. For me, true relaxation comes with knowing that I have completed everything I needed to do. Using a planner will hopefully help you find some relaxation and comfort in this crazy world knowing you have all of your ducks in a row at the end of the day. You can also use empty space in your planner to write down any worries you have throughout the day. This will allow you to acknowledge your thoughts in a time that’s better suited for you to deal with them.

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