5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up A Pencil + Start Journaling

We all lead crazy busy lives. Sometimes life can get *extremely* overwhelming. We do everything we can to fight stress + it often feels like things just aren’t really sticking. As on-the-go girls, we frequently have trouble finding time to focus solely on ourselves – to reduce stress, make plans or track progress. What works for some girls to help her set goals + stay organized might not work for others. Journal writing is tailored to you – it is by you + for you. It can be however you want – lengthy + heavy, or dreamy + light. It can take up a lot of time, or a little — the most important thing is that you write.

Journaling doesn’t have to be something that reminds you of elementary school — rather than writing about your crush in your english class, we can use journaling to better ourselves + bring on the #PositiveVibes. Here’s how picking up a pencil + freeing up some time can keep you goal oriented, on track, organized, inspired + mindful —


When you write it forces you to put your goals in writing. This can really help you reflect + narrow down exactly what you want to see from yourself + how you can achieve that goal. It can make the goal feel more attainable – when you are thinking things through slowly, your mind becomes more clear. It is easier to articulate what it will take to reach that goal + prioritize — whether it is a fitness goal, career goal or a personal goal.


Journaling helps to recognize each thought. Things that are normally filed in the back of your mind are given some airtime. Suddenly, you may feel like you’ve learned a lot about yourself. It challenges you to think inward + focus on what is important to you + how you’re really feeling. It can increase your insight into a situation ++ can give you a new perspective than what you had at first.


When journaling your *dreamy thoughts* [your stream of consciousness], you’ll find that you have great ideas. Writing things down + seeing them on paper can turn nothing into something by slowing down our often crazy mind. If you are letting things go [writing them down ; )] + putting them out into the world, your mind is free to be as wild + creative as it wants.


As time passes + you grow and change, so will your journal. It’s amazing to look back at an old journal + see how far you’ve come. This is a beautiful thing that is not very easily found in anything else — a reminder that life is a journey + forever changing ++ who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow. It helps to know that hardships aren’t forever! Also, as we know when writing our food + fitness journals, this really holds us accountable. It helps us be better + better each day as time goes on.


Journaling knows no limits — this is your safe zone. You can write anything you want — it is just you + your paper. There is no judgment! You can rant about anything, you can question anything + I promise it will keep your secrets. For a lot of us, we don’t have people we feel like we can talk to — so when we write, we are given the perfect outlet to feel the benefit of *putting things out there* without worrying about what people think.

So what’s next? Pick up a cute journal [or the Bootycamp journal ; )] + get writing. If you think getting in the writing groove will be hard, set aside just 10 minutes a day [or more, or less!] to write, regardless of whether or not anything has inspired you that day! Often, just putting pen to paper can help you start thinking + the words will flow. This is for you + only you — don’t overthink it. Commit to writing down your thoughts once a day, + it will soon be a part of your routine.

++ Abigail [abigail.inchaarg] // UK CHAARG

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