5 *Little Things* To Enjoy Every Day

One of my favorite parts about writing is reading my old posts + getting a glimpse into what my life was like in that moment in time. Sometimes, my “younger” self shares advice to my current self… but, other times I’m reminded of how far I’ve come — how much my life has changed for the better.

Recently, I came across this post — Work Hard, Rest Harder. As of ~6 months ago, I defined myself as a “workaholic” ++ honestly, I was proud of it. I embraced #TheHustle, + thrived off long hours, TONS of coffee, + was the “needy partner” in my relationship with my computer//phone.

I’m so thankful + PROUD to say that I no longer define myself as a workaholic. I’ve learned to rest, enjoy the *little things* ++ truly crave slower moments. More on the podcast: Enjoy The Little Things.

When I think of what it means to enjoy something, I think of rest. I imagine being in a relaxing state, luxuriating in an experience with a glow in my eyes + smile on my face.

You guys all know this quote: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back + realize they were the big things.” Little moments of love add up, ++ the best part is: we have access to them every day! We don’t need to wait for the weekend to have an *amazing* experience, we have the ability to shift our perspective ++ have moments of enjoyment every day… every hour!

Below are five “tiny moments” that light me up ++ that I have access to every day…

#1] Being in nature. Whether that means going for a walk, reading on a bench in a flower garden, or having a solo picnic in the park, I love kicking it with the trees. There’s just something sacred about Mother Earth that gives me all the feels.

#2] Fasting from technology. You know my thoughts on phones ; ). I love putting my phone away [literally out of sight], so that I don’t have temptation to look at it ++ instead, solely focusing on what I am doing in the moment.

#3] Smiling at strangers [especially kids]. There’s something about sharing a smile that fills me with so much love. I especially love smiling at kids + seeing the joy in their eyes.

#4] Mindfully enjoying meal. I really want to put this in action more… especially because I have the ability to do this THREE times a day [or more, if we are including snacks ; )]. Appreciating the food process [starting with the farmers ++ ending with it beautifully on our plate], our ability to taste, how the food fuels us, + the company we share the food with — there’s so much to be grateful for!

#5] Making my space an extension of myself. This is something I’ve recently become very passionate about… from my bedroom to the words that I use to communicate to the way that I dress to how I move my body… I want to be intentional with how I live in the world. Being my truest, authentic self ++ giving others the courage to become their truest, authentic selves brings me the ultimate enjoyment.

Journal prompt — Think about a decision you need to make… something where the choice is yes or no. Write down your reasoning for saying no. Write down your reasoning for saying yes. Is there someone you love who would benefit from your decision? If so, I encourage you to say yes [unless of course it would be detrimental to your health], ++ see what happens!

++ Elisabeth

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