5 Lessons From Reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming

A recent Gallup Poll , made Michelle Obama the most admired woman for 2018. In the same year, Michelle Obama also published her autobiography, Becoming. I read this book over a two-day span over winter break, + I was blown away by the lessons I learned ++ here are just five of the lessons.

Lesson #1] Asking for help is okay — Most of us like to appear as if we are in control at all times. We post photos on social media that make it seem like we have our lives together, + we usually tell others that things are great when they ask. I learned from reading this book, that even the admired Michelle Obama needed to ask for help sometimes. Michelle wrote about being overwhelmed by the change of being the first lady, so she asked her mom to help her. She focussed on trying to get things under control versus trying to appear that she had it all together.

Lesson #2] Nothing is ever too far out of reach — Sometimes we can be in our own head. We can think that we are not enough,  stopping ourselves from trying because we convince ourselves that we will fail. Michelle thought there was no way she could apply to the Paris trip at school. When her mom asked her about the trip, + why she hadn’t come forward about it, she said she didn’t think it was possible for her to go. The next day, she got a plane ticket, teaching her that some things are possible

Lesson #3] You need to heal yourself before you can heal your relationships — Michelle Obama is pretty candid about her relationship with Barack. In the book, she discusses going to marriage counseling + how it helped her tremendously — her counselor told her that she was in charge of her own happiness, not Barack ++ that it was up to her to heal herself in order to heal her relationship. In life, we so often look toward others to bring us happiness, but truly, we just need to look into our own hearts.

Lesson #4] Find your people — Throughout the book, Michelle Obama talked about the importance of finding your community. She utilized mentors throughout her life to guide her + encourage her. She planned retreats with her girlfriends to blow off steam. She always kept her family close to her. Your people are your support system + your greatest cheerleaders. No one can go through life completely alone. We all need someone.

Lesson #5] Becoming who we are meant to become is a journey — The title of this book perfectly sums up the essence of the book. The book is ultimately about the journey that made Michelle Obama, the amazing woman she is today. By reading about her childhood, her life with Barack, her time as first lady, + her life now, readers get a glimpse into how the actions ++ paths she chose shaped her into becoming this individual. Therefore, we also are not done becoming who we are meant to be. It is a journey full of decisions and experiences that will continue to shape us for years + years to come. For example, being a part of CHAARG is a part of your journey to becoming who you are meant to become.

Michelle Obama’s life journey is inspiring to say the least — there are so many takeaways from this book. I highly recommend Becoming as your next read. For more book recommendations check out this list of books recommended by CHAARG Blogis focusing on self-love.

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