5 Cross-Training Workouts For When You Don’t Feel Like Running

Everyone knows the benefits of cross training [need convinced? Check out this article!]. But what cross-training should you be doing? Ultimately, it’s all about finding what you enjoy + of course, keeping it mixed up! We’ve put together our favorite ways to cross-train + workouts that go with each! 

Swimming is an amazing workout + great for runners because it continues to build aerobic endurance while also working muscles you don’t use in running [especially your upper body]! It also is low impact + will definitely get your heart rate up! We love this swimming guide to find workouts that cater to your swimming level ; ).

Another alternative that you can try in the pool that isn’t swimming is aqua jogging! I did a lot of aqua jogging when I was rehabbing from a calf injury. It will give you the same motion as running + you might think it’s easier than swimming [especially if you’re not a confident swimmer or never learned the stroke techniques]. Check out this video for aqua jogging technique. 

Rowing is a full body workout [literally — it uses 86% of your muscles!] that will help you build strength + continued endurance. It also is little to no impact which allows your joints time to recover in between runs!  

*Note: How to properly use a rowing machine: think legs → core → arms going up to the front +  arms → core → legs on the way back. Press “just row” before every piece! SPM is strokes per minute + is normally two digits in the top right hand corner or lower left hand corner

PS — if you’re in Chicago, go to one of Jill’s RowHouse classes — you won’t be disappointed! DM @jilljernas for her current schedule ; ). 

Cycling is another great workout that can build your aerobic [+ anaerobic!] base as well as strengthen your leg muscles [especially your calves, hamstrings, quads, + booty!]. 

*Note: As you know, stationary bikes differ with how they measure resistance. Our bike measures 0-20. Please adjust accordingly… ex: if your bike only goes up to 10… the first section will be rode at 1 Resistance!]

If you don’t have access to a spin bike or would rather take your bike workout outside — try this one: 

We know that lifting + doing strength workouts is essential to staying healthy + injury free as a runner! During your strength days it’s an awesome way to target areas of weakness as well as muscles that you might not think about when running [for example — core!]. We have a ton of strength workouts that we’ve compiled here. Cheers to lifting heavy! 

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Did we miss one of your favorite ways to cross-train? Let us know + we will add it!

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