For most of us, our days do not seem ~complete~ unless we have a cup [or more!] of coffee. While some people actually drink coffee for the taste of  the coffee, others only drink it for their daily caffeine fix. If you’re someone who wants a little energy boost, but you don’t necessarily love coffee, here are some coffee alternatives to switch up your morning routine:

#1] Matcha

Matcha, a type of green tea, contains about 80mg of caffeine per 8oz cup. To put this into perspective, the average cup of coffee has around 95-165mg per cup. One benefit of matcha vs a cup of coffee is that matcha releases caffeine slower in the body, taking away some of the crash + *afternoon-slump* symptoms coffee can give.

Don’t want to drink matcha in tea form? Try out our matcha ball recipe ; )

#2] Black Tea

Along with caffeine, black tea contains theophylline, a stimulant associated with speeding up your heart rate + activating alertness. Not a fan of  drinking plain tea? Add some flavor by making it a chai! When looking for a black tea, try to find an organically sourced [+ preferably fair-trade certified brand to get the best quality]. Want to save money? Opt for loose leaf tea versus pre-bagged tea — you’ll get more bang for your buck ++ you’ll be saving the environment!

Our favorite black teas?

#1] Chai
#2] Earl Grey
#3] English Breakfast
#4] Black Dragon Pearl


If you drink coffee on the reg, you’re probably aware of the withdrawal symptoms [headaches, irritability, fatigue, lethargy, etc.]. One way to combat some of these symptoms is by gradually decreasing your daily caffeine intake. You don’t have to eliminate caffeine completely [here’s why], but if you want//need to lower your caffeine intake, try out some of these foods // drinks:

#3] Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from bacteria + yeast, sugar, + black // green tea. The average caffeine intake in a serving of kombucha is ~10-25 mg. When buying some, read the labels — some kombucha can actually have pretty high alcoholic levels from the fermentation process!

#4] Cacao Nibs

You can still start your day with some caffeine! Cacao Nibs are basically chocolate in its purest form + they have only 12mg of caffeine / tablespoon. Add them to your morning smoothie bowl or oatmeal for a little energy boost. Pick them up in a Whole Foods [in the supplements aisle] or even on Amazon!

#5] Switch to Decaf Coffee

Yes, there is some caffeine in decaf coffee [~ 10 mg/ 1 cup]. If you love coffee but want to reduce your caffeine intake, switch to decaf! To make the switch easier, try half-caf [half decaf – half regular] + gradually add in more decaf each day // week.

If you want to completely work caffeine out of your daily flow, check out this post for some morning caffeine alternatives.

Have you tried any of these coffee alternatives? Let us know your favorite way to consume caffeine on insta!

++ Ashleigh B. [ashleigh_inchaarg] // Pitt CHAARG

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