From the CHAARG Community — 4 New Workouts to Try

The start of the school year means one thing — Fall Memberships open! Throughout recruitment, you’ve heard CHAARG leaders gush about the community CHAARG creates, the new lifestyle you get to make + the new workouts you’ll get to try. While most of these new workouts come from attending Studio Spotlights, many of them  come from simply sharing your favorite workouts with girls through Small Groups + casual conversations. Below are four workouts to try this semester [if you haven’t already] recommended specifically by CHAARGies.

#1] Yoga

Chapter Leadership Consultant [CLC], + former University of Toledo Ambassador, Elaine Gray, was introduced to yoga poses + inversions two years ago. In 2017, she began going to yoga classes consistently + is now a certified instructor.

“From practicing yoga, I have become much more in tune with my inner self,” Elaine says. “Yoga has changed my mindset to be much more peaceful + positive.” Not only has yoga given Elaine more mind-body connection, but it’s also been physically strengthening as well. “After going to ashtanga + doing over 50 chaturangas a day, my triceps are visible + so strong,” she says. Yoga is a practice that Elaine recommends to CHAARGies, even first time yogis, for both the physical + mental benefits. “There are eight limbs of yoga [principles of yoga] + onel one of those eight are the physical movements [asanas]. The other seven come up in practice + once you learn it on the mat, you will automatically take them off the mat. I am constantly amazed how much I grow daily with my practice.”

Try one of Elaine’s [@elainegray_inchaarg] go-to yoga flows:

3 sun salutation A’s
3 sun salutation B’s
*5 breaths in each move, complete the flow on the right side + repeat on left*
Chaturanga, upward facing dog, downward facing dog
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Reverse warrior
Extended side angle
Warrior 2
Humble warrior
Warrior 2
Standing split
5 handstand hops
Chatturanga, upward facing dog, downward facing dog

#2] Lifting

Bowling Green University CHAARG Small Group Coordinator, Tay Sauer, started lifting last October, after the guys next door encouraged her to push herself in the gym.

“At first, I felt a little out of place since lifting is a predominantly male sport,” Tay says. “I wouldn’t take a dumbbell or rack if I saw a guy wanted it.” But, once one of the guys she was with told her, “It’s your gym as much as it is theirs,” her mindset changed. “Now, I’m totally comfortable using the equipment when I want + there’s  even times when I’m the only woman on the whole weightlifting floor!” Tay says lifting has helped both her physical + mental health by showing her how strong her body can be when she sets her mind to something. “If you’re looking to boost your self-confidence, discover your inner goddess, or just increase your physical fitness, you should definitely try it.”

Try Tay’s [@taysauer_inchaarg] favorite lifting move from each day of the week:

Leg Day: Decline leg press machine 4×10
Chest Day: Lawnmower style cable pull 4×10
Booty Day: Benched glute bridge with barbell 4×10
Back Day: Low row + lat pulldown [alternating], close grip 4×10 each
Tricep Day: Tricep dips 4×10
Bicep Day: Bicep curls 4×10
Ab Day: Hollow rock 4×1 minute

#3] HIIT

Leah Maxey, Ambassador of Ohio University CHAARG, has been doing HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] workouts for nearly two years. The summer going into her sophomore year at OU, Leah began a new workout program that consisted of primarily HIIT workouts + instantly fell in love.

Leah says HIIT has taught her that getting in a good workout doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the gym — most of her workouts last only 30 minutes. “I would constantly tell myself that 30 minutes is is 4% of my day! So, I definitely could squeeze it in, even if I didn’t quite want to that day,” Leah says. She also loves HIIT because it utilizes multiple muscles groups through full-body workouts. “We are all on a tight time crunch some days,” Leah says, “[HIIT] is fast, you’ll feel the burn + you’ll feel satisfied afterwards.”

Try one of Leah’s [@lemax_inchaarg] favorite go-to HIIT workouts:

— 30 sec-1 min each round
— 15-30 sec break in between each exercise
— Repeat entire workout 2-3 times

Round 1:
Upright Standing Rows w/ Dumbbell
Speed Skaters
Shoulder Press w/ Dumbbell
Push ups

Round 2:
Jumping Jacks
Curtsy Lunge w/ Dumbbell
Pulsing Qquats w/ Dumbbell
Mountain Climbers
Donkey Kicks [30 sec each side]
Russian Twist w/ Dumbbell

#4] Resistance Training

Rachel Onusko, member of Ohio University CHAARG, began resistance training with bands nearly a year ago + has fallen in love with the process ++ results.

“I begin every leg day using resistance bands to warm up and *activate* my muscles before I get started,” Rachel says. “It’s cool to feel your muscles getting stronger even when you aren’t using heavy weights.”  Rachel isn’t the only one benefitting from her resistance band workouts, she has also used them during small groups + her CHAARGies have loved them! “My girls always requested to do some sort of resistance training in our workouts,” she says. “It requires so little equipment + it consists of workouts that you can do anywhere…Sometimes I’ll even bring a resistance band to the bike path to incorporate moves while I’m jogging.”

Try one of Rachel’s [@rachel.ou_inchaarg] go-to resistance band workouts:

Complete each move with the band around your thighs or calves [anywhere except for your knees!]

3×15 Squat
3×20 Side Steps [each side] 3×20 Glute Bridge
3×15 Fire Hydrants [each side] 3×15 Leg Lifts [each side]

It’s so important to remember that CHAARG isn’t about the “right” kind of workout, but rather it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that fits your needs. If you’re looking to get the most out of your workout, the MOST important thing to remember is you should ENJOY what you are doing!

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