4 Ways To Find Free Fitness Classes In Your Area

All CHAARG girls know that fitness classes can provide some of the best workouts. You can try many new formats, workout in a motivating group setting + not have to plan any of it. However, fitness classes outside of your rec center can be very expensive. Boutique studios often cost $20-40 for one class — wowza! Still, it’s possible to find free fitness classes in your area so you can experience all of the fun of group fitness without breaking the bank. It takes preparation + creativity, but it’s all worth it for a good sweat sesh!


The best way to find free classes in your area is to first find classes in your area. Yelp will provide all of the possibilities + offer reviews so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. While many studios offer special deals on their Yelp page, you can also find their contact information to ask personally if they offer a free first class. Of course, in return, promise to share the love with a Yelp review + a check-in on Instagram or Facebook : )


You may have to search at first, but once you’re *interested* in a couple events, Facebook will continue to suggest more events that are similar. Many studios offer local community classes to expand their outreach — many of which are free! Whether it’s yoga in the park or Zumba, utilizing Facebook is any easy way to try new sweat seshes. Plus, it’s super easy to share with your friends + CHAARG groups!


Shopping + sweating? Two of our fave things! Lots of athleisure stores offer classes to promote shopping in their stores. Victoria’s Secret has hosted CHAARG Fitionista Parties + Athleta, Lululemon, Nike + North Face are a few other stores that frequently host classes. Check out their websites [+ Facebook pages!] for more details, as these are usually considered special events.


We’re not talking about binge-watching one of the best comedies on Netflix — utilize your local parks + rec department! These provide more than park upkeep, but also recreation, which includes fitness classes. Most of these are free + outdoors — even better! If you don’t have any in your area, suggest hosting one to your local Leslie Knope. More than likely, you are not the only one interested in a fun + free sweat sesh.

Sweating doesn’t have to be expensive for CHAARG girls. Put on your thinking cap + find ways to get in a workout in your local area. Don’t be afraid to try something new, especially if it’s free!

+Mary [@itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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