4 Ways To Add A Little Adventure To Everyday This Summer

Every summer we often tell ourselves that this is going to be *our* summer. We’re going to say *yes* to more experiences + we’re going to make life more exciting. But each summer we’re a year older with more responsibilities + less free time to dedicate to *summering.* Whether you’re working 9-5, in summer school or bored in your hometown below are 4 ways you can add adventure to your life everyday.


Trying something new — Every. Single. Day. — sounds daunting at first until you realize how many habits you have that are easy to mix up. In the morning you could try a new routine, whether it’s making a new recipe or drinking a cup of tea instead of coffee. You could also try a new hairstyle or makeup. You could even try a different commute to work [preferably on the way home to avoid being late] or a new running path. There are countless ways to try new things, but it’s up to you to initiate the new actions.


We know we should, but do we? It may seem cool to show off your life via social media, nevertheless it can be even more exciting to have *me* time not advertised to the world. When you’re offline you also have more time to find new opportunities. If you’re on your phone every time you are walking somewhere or waiting you could miss an opportunity to talk to someone + learn something new. Even if it’s someone you see every day — a family member or a coworker. Ask them about their day or their *story* — you never know what impact it could have on you both. The best stories are told in-person, not on Snapchat.


Remember how often we created things when we were younger? Our constant playtime kept us imaginative + curious. We may not have that much free time anymore, however we can still keep creating! Crafting + coloring can be a great way to destress [adult coloring books are the *best* thing ever created]. Writing + journaling can be therapeutic — start writing short stories + poems. Artistic playtime is a good reminder that life is not only about being functional, but also about being creative.


It’s all too easy to rely on others to help bring spontaneity into your life. However, this often means waiting on others + doing things by their preference. Be brave enough to try new things on your own! It’s liberating + empowering to prove to yourself the new things you can accomplish all by yourself [#independent]! If someone else wants to join in on your adventures, challenge yourself to say *yes* to new experiences even if they don’t go exactly as planned. That’s what adventure is all about!

++Mary [@itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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