4 Reasons Beauty Shines Brightest During #NoMakeupMonday

#NoMakeupMonday, fresh face Friday, bare skin Saturday — no matter the day of the week, it’s clear that the *no makeup movement* has entered the beauty arena ++ we couldn’t be happier. We love the idea of going sans makeup so much that it’s one of the items on the CHAARG BOOTYCAMP Summer of Sweat Bucket List ++ we’re challenging all of YOU to participate in #NoMakeupMonday with us [be sure to use the hashtag + tag @CHAARG in those insta photos ; )].

While we know it can be really difficult + uncomfortable to bare it all, the no makeup movement is liberating millions of women around the world from low self-esteem, clogged pores + empty wallets. We’re breaking down 4 of the many benefits that come with swapping your favorite foundation for your real, *natural* glow.


Many of us wear makeup to feel prettier, right? Maybe, but that’s only because we’ve been conditioned to think that we’re not pretty without it. Those quirks that make us, us, have become imperfections to be covered up by foundation + mascara. We might feel prettier when wearing our best makeup, but do we feel better? Ya know, on the inside? Not usually.  ++ by deciding that we’re not pretty enough naturally, we are diminishing our beauty + our confidence. There’s a popular saying that the most beautiful girls are the happy girls, so challenge yourself to find your beauty + happiness from within. Makeup might make you feel prettier, but only you can make yourself feel beautiful.


Very few people have *perfect* skin + almost everyone has insecurities when it comes to their bare [beautiful] face. It feels so natural to reach for the concealer when a pimple pops up or the dark undereye circles threaten to swallow our eyes whole, but popular beauty products can actually be making your skin troubles worse. With harsh chemicals that clog pores + dry out skin, your makeup bag may be causing more harm than good. Even going just one day a week with a bare face [ahem, #NoMakeupMonday] can leave your skin glowing + healthy.


Everyone loves to sleep in a few extra minutes, right? By going without makeup, you can shorten up your morning routine by a few minutes, leaving you with time for an additional *snooze,* five minute journal sesh, new morning ritual or a delish breakfast.


Makeup is expensive + we all probably spend more on it than we care to admit. Taking a stroll into Sephora or Ulta just to *look around* is more or less a death wish for your wallet. For everyone trying to ball on a budget, going without makeup can lead to less dollars spent in the makeup aisle of Target + more money to save, spend on #fitionista gear, or a new fitness class.

This summer, we’re asking all CHAARG girls in pursuit of reaching their fitness goals to remember their *why* — why they work out, why they’re striving for a particular goal, why they continue on their journey. ++ today, we add another question to the list. *Why* do you wear makeup? Is it because it genuinely makes you happy, or is it because you’re covering up insecurities? We challenge all of you to participate in #NoMakeupMonday with us so you can reconnect with your *why.* I think we’ll all find that wearing less makeup will leave us more beautiful + confident than ever before.

++ Briana [brianam_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG Orlando

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