4 Healthy Dips For The Holidays

Football season [+ the holidays!] might look a little different this year but nothing says you can’t celebrate from the safety of your home while keeping up those game day traditions ; )

I wanted to compile a list of party dips that would be *perfect* for any Saturday menu but would also include foods that offer more nutrient density! There’s no shame in having your favorite cheesy, greasy, melt in your mouth dips on game days but if you’re looking for alternatives that are both satisfying + nourishing then keep reading!

#1] Hot For Food’s Vegan Spinach + Artichoke Dip

Why I Love It — I’m not sure how she did it but Lauren Toyota, of Hot For Food, managed to make blended beans + cashews taste like a cheesy, gooey, spinach artichoke dip + it is a *must have* for any gathering. I have made this dip every year for any family event because I know my non-vegan family members will devour it + most won’t even question if it’s vegan. It may not be spot on for a traditional spinach artichoke dip but it’s close + it’s amazing in its own way. This dip replaces cheese with beans + cashews which provide less fat + more protein to your meal, leaving you feeling full + satisfied!

#2] Pick Up Limes’ Garden Chickpea Dill Dip

Why I Love It — If you’re going for something light + *crisp* for your dips then this is your go to! This recipe is highly versatile + can be changed depending on what veggies you have or what veggies you like! Because the base of the dip is made from chickpeas, the dip is packed with protein + micronutrients that support your body! Plus, if you have leftovers you can turn it into a sandwich for lunch the next day ; )

#3] Cookin Canuck’s Healthy Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

Why I Love It — Greek flavors. Period. This dip is packed with vegetables + is super creamy so you’ll be eating all kinds of micronutrients while enjoying the umami bliss of the Mediterranean.

#4] Minimalist Baker’s Cheesy Jalapeño Corn Dip 

Why I Love It — If it’s not clear already, I love my creamy + cheesy dips ++ this recipe is no exception! If you enjoy spice + are a fan of jalapeño poppers then give this recipe a try. It’s super easy to make + has all the satisfaction of any warm, gooey cheese dip! This is a vegan recipe but it doesn’t necessarily have to be, just use regular cream cheese in place of the vegan one ; )

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