Let’s Make a Promise To Take 30 Minutes of *Me-Time* Every Day

Chances are, you’re reading this as you race between the gym, class, work + everything in between. We get it! CHAARG girls are some of the busiest people we know. But [+ this is a big but] — you need to be taking time for yourself. We’re not saying you need to put everything on hold, but devoting 30 minutes a day to yourself is necessary to live a happy, healthy life.

Why? Because pouring every ounce of energy into projects outside of yourself is going to leave you completely drained. You have to treat yourself just as you treat other people + things you love — with care. You are important, too. Very important! If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Here are a couple of ways to get you started implementing your daily 30 minutes of relaxation + reflection. Some are silly, others are serious. Either way, you’ll find one that vibes with you. ; )



Yup. We said it: tech freeze. Turn off your phone, computer, tablet, TV, e-reader + anything else that needs electricity or batteries to operate. You, me + everyone else in the world are constantly connected to technology. Take all of that time you usually spend browsing social media, taking Buzzfeed quizzes + sending each other emojis + give it back to yourself. You’re not going to miss anything. Really. Texts can wait. Facebook//Twitter//Insta timelines aren’t going to radically change. Netflix will still be there when you plug back in.


When you’re stressed, you’re stiff. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Your muscles are rigid. You have tension from your head to your toes. Nothing is going to help more than a quick meditation//stretch sesh. We recommend stepping away from everyone for a little while + lighting a few Produce Candles [we love peach + honey! ; )] to help you find your inner peace. Use this meditation as a reminder to relax + accept that you can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. CHAARG girls may be crazy strong after the #CHAARGSBFP, but no one should have that burden.


When we get stressed, we tend to focus on the negative things life is throwing our way. But in the grand scheme of life, what’s another red light or one more online discussion post? Spend 30 minutes appreciating the good + the bad will slowly start to fade away. One of our favorite ways to practice gratitude is writing down three things that we’re thankful for each day. It’s a reminder that life is what you create. Happiness begets happiness. Misery begets misery. Which do you want ruling your life?


Grey skies or not, you need some fresh air, girl! Throw on a jacket, your brightest pair of leggings + be your own sunshine. Being cooped up all day is going to leave you feeling uninspired, unmotivated + ultimately — unhappy. Go for a walk. Grab a cup of coffee to go. Just make sure you’re appreciating the great outdoors.


Shut the world out for a half hour while pretending you’re Beyoncé. Science shows, dancing makes you happy + it’s good for your brain, too. So whether you like to tap, twirl or twerk, throw off your running shoes + put on your dancing shoes. We’ll be singing loudly [+ terribly] to CHAARG’s “Happy Jams” playlist.


Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself + come up with as many characteristics//qualities//quirks as you can for why you love who you are. It’s not about being conceited or thinking you’re the best. [We know CHAARG girls don’t operate like that.] It’s about believing you are good enough + dangit, you look good too! Sometimes a little self-love is just what you need to reCHAARG. We challenge you to flood Insta with positive vibes by sharing a selfie + what you love most about yourself. Remember — you are enough. #PositiveMindPositiveLife



Now, it’s time to take 30 minutes for yourself! Share what your *me-time* looked like. Make sure to tag #CHAARGSBFP + @CHAARG in your post today!

// FEATURED BEACH BAG PRODUCT: Peach Produce Candles — light one to get you in a sweet mood! All of these scents are inspired by farmers markets [#welovefood]. Follow @ProduceCandles for some sweet + savory scents [+ for inspo to shop at the famers market ; )].We are so thankful to have this amazing company a part of the #CHAARGSBFP.


+Grace [@gm.inchaarg], Kent State CHAARG

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