3 Tips For Bouncing Back From A Missed Alarm Clock

We’ve all heard about the importance + benefits of routine. Routines can help you break bad habits, reduce your anxiety, check things off your to-do list, build a consistent sleep cycle, prioritize, reduces your need for willpower, + free up our time for fun! As someone who struggles with depression + anxiety, I rely on my daily routine to give me structure + a sense of stability every day, as well as to help me prioritize self care! This can easily be thrown off by a missed alarm clock.

Although we all know how important routines are, I believe we’ve all also let our routines fly out the window from time to time. Who hasn’t found themselves letting their planned out day disappear the moment something else pops up. A meeting runs long, we sleep through an alarm, we forget our packed lunch… + the list goes on + on. Too often I find myself letting the rest of my day go downhill based on losing one part of my daily routine.

How often do we turn to self-compassion + grace when we slip up on part of our routine? How do we miss our alarm + not let that ruin the rest of our daily routine? This is definitely something I’m still working on – but here are my 3 tips for bouncing back from a missed alarm clock ; )

1] Self-Compassion

The first thing to do when you skip a part of your routine, is to not beat yourself up about it! Have some self-compassion. Often times, I ask myself the question — “Who hasn’t done X before?” Who hasn’t slept through their alarm? Who hasn’t been stuck in traffic? Who hasn’t forgotten their lunch? When I remember that I’m not the only one who’s made a mistake or the only one that has fallen victim to circumstance — I find it a lot easier to avoid dwelling on the fact that my routine was messed up!

2] Re-Routine Your Day

The next step I take is re-routining my day ; ). I come up with a new routine for the rest of my day. If I skipped a morning workout — I’ll immediately try to find a different time to workout. Or, if I had a meeting that ran late — I’ll look at the other things in my schedule I can move around or potentially shorten. Realistically, does everything you have planned on a certain day HAVE to get done that day? No. It’s okay to re-routine + reschedule! The most important thing to remember when re-routining your day is to be graceful with your time — budget in a little extra time of *fluster* [because who isn’t flustered after being stuck in traffic!].

3] See the Light!

Possibly the most difficult part of bouncing back from a missed routine — find the light or the lesson learned in it! Sleeping through your alarm clock is a sign that your body needed extra rest + maybe a sign to go to bed earlier. Getting caught in traffic might allow you to listen to a podcast you’ve been putting off or call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Find the gratitude in whatever happened + see how it might have benefitted you or what you could learn from it!

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