3 Apps To Try For Guided Runs

If you don’t have a podcast you want to listen to + the right song just won’t come on your favorite running playlist… it might be time to try a guided run. Running with someone in your ear reminding you to shake out your arms, telling you when to push it, + having an awesome playlist all set + ready to go can be a great way to change up your runs + help when you feel you might be falling into a *running slump*! 

Here are our favorite 3 guided run apps to try…

You might be already familiar with this app if you’re using it to track your runs/paces — but it also has some amazing guided runs to check out too! From running with elite runners like Shalene Flannagan to a meditative run with headspace — you’ll find something that will keep you moving through your next run! Learn more about it here

Right now the Peloton app is offering a free 90 day trial — perfect to try not only their guided runs with coaches pushing you throughout the workout along with awesome music, but also get access to their yoga, strength, + cycling classes! 

Similar to Peloton, Aaptiv has audio based fitness classes that coach you through a workout along with a great playlist. Their free trial is 7 days – plenty of time to try out some runs + see if you want more of this app [it also has plenty of strength, cycling, yoga, + treadmill workouts!].

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Did we miss any of your favorite apps? Let us know!

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