Growing, Growing, Growing… Part 2 Of My 28th Year Reflections

Last week, I shared part one of “28 Ways I’ve Grown In My 28 Year.” Continuing on…

#15] Started seeing a new spiritual director, Al — I loved Bridget [her son is the clairvoyant who does virtual readings + is incredible… email me if you want his contact info!], but she’s an hour away + Al’s been my teacher before + I can see him in Chicago. I’ve been loving working with him so far — he taught me this journaling practice that I’ve been using every day for over two months.

#16] Took a food sensitivity test — Learned about the MRT test from Jenny on the podcast [epsiode #80] + it was fascinating! I was shocked that I had no “highly reactive foods” — however, a lot of the foods I ate constantly [coffee, raspberries, lemon, cinnamon, OATS, quinoa] I’m moderately reactive to. RIP. I’m going to try to do my best to eliminate all of my moderately reactive foods, + slowly introduce them to see how much body responds. Stay tuned!

#17] Finally got into foam rolling — This is still a work in progress, BUT I’m counting it as growth! I did a little experiment with myself of foam rolling for 20 minutes for 20 days… + I only missed a handful of days ; ). I am committed to prioritizing recovery!

#18] Moved… again! This time, with a little bit of an upgrade — I can walk to work, AND the apartment has a garbage disposal! #TheLittleThings

#19] The pain in my back shoulder is almost totally gone — This is absolutely crazy to me. I share more about my shoulder on the podcast [episode #61]… while I’ve certainly worked on it physically through chiropractics, massage + foam rolling, I truly believe that it was moreso an energetic shift. The body/spirit connection fascinates me… if you’re into it too, you’d love Anatomy Of The Spirit.

#20] Went to my first expo representing CHAARG — Okay, this was so much fun + I really felt in my element at the expo [event though I was totally wiped after]. I went to Expo West with SJ + Outdoor Retailer solo. The intention was to discover + chat with brands who might be a good fit for collaborating with CHAARG. I can’t wait for more opportunities like this!

#21] Used the finance app, Mint — I used Mint for a few months + loved it. Not gonna lie though, I became a little too anal on hitting my budgets [you can ask Isaac about that…], that I had to stop for a few months + intuitively budget [which worked]. Finance gurus, please share with me your favorite app for budgeting!

#22] Survived my closet experiment — Will do a blog post on this, but oh my gosh, I loved this experiment. Long story short: I had to wear everything in my closet before repeating anything. As a byproduct, I donated quite a few clothes. Stay tuned for more!

#23] Saw a Chinese Medicine Doctor — For those of you in Chicago, her name is Giselle + she’s amazing. She’s helped me with the tension in my jaw, + currently working on getting my iron up! Also, she was on the podcast [episode #75]. She inspired me to start reading Between Heaven + Earth: A Guide To Chinese Medicine.

#24] Connected with my family in a deeper way — I’ve always been close to my family, but after our trip to Greece this summer, something shifted. I think part of it has to do with the fact that all my siblings are now “adults” [my youngest sister is 10 years younger than me… 18!]. I’m so grateful for all my siblings + parents, love them so much! We also do Bible Study together, which is the cutest thing ever, I know : ).

#25] Had my first successful “workaway” — As you know, I love traveling. I’m super intrigued with the idea of “workaways,” aka working in a different city for an extended time, be it 5 days or 3 months. I’m lucky that our coworking space, Industrious, has tons of locations in the USA. Isaac + I did a trip to Denver + Boulder [both cities had an Industrious office!] for 10 days in October + it felt very aligned. We spent time in the office, + our nights exploring. I would love to take more workaways + experience different parts of the country [+ world!].

#26] My attitude towards my body + working out has changed — This one is hard to articulate, but I’m a lot gentler with my body + it feels really freaking good. This deserves a longer post… stay tuned!

#27] Became obsessed with creating “city guides” — Read on:

#28] Let go of a ton of ish — The life-changing magic of tidying up lives on! It’s never over! I’m really into not buying things, + instead seeing how much I can give away… not joking. I have little experiments with myself — “I need to get rid of 20 items in 1 hour!” + I make it happen… even if “one” item is a piece of paper… it counts! I still have a long way to go before I’m a minimalist + can proudly say: everything in my home is used + beautiful, BUT I’m on the path.

ALRIGHT! There you have it!

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