28 Of My Favorite Things, Part 2

Hi! If you haven’t read Part 1, check it out here. Now onto Part 2 of 28 things that I’ve implemented this year that have made a big difference in my life…

#15] Taking my vitamins ((+ getting blood work done!)) on a consistent basis — One of the most important things I want to focus on this year is having the energy to do all the things I want to do. I’ve suffered from fatigue for years now, + I’m finally on a regimen that is helping. Yes, sleep + proper fuel is very important — but I believe vitamins are more important than we realize. Here’s what I take, but I encourage you to get blood work done to see what’s best for you. I get my blood work done every 3 months!

#16] Continuing to open up the woo woo department — Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, Sound Baths, Law Of Attraction, Kundalini, + more. Taking what resonates, + dropping the rest… but always open to trying!

#17] More documentaries! I am so bad at watching TVs//movies//documentaries. Last year, I made it a goal of watching one documentary a month, if that helps you understand where I’m at : ). I want to learn more about everything + truly enjoy documentaries… especially with popcorn ; ), so I’m adding it on here to remind myself that documentaries are a good switch up from reading. Favs: Wild Wild Country, Embrace, Happy, 13th, Cooked, PLANET EARTH. Anyone have recommendations?! Would love to hear!

#18] Surprisingly love backpacking. If you would have asked my last year if I would want to go backpacking with you, I’d be like uhhhhh?! No shower?! Pooping outdoors?! No! But, its true — you won’t know if you’ll love or hate something until you actually try it! + I love it! I’ve backpacked three times this year, + will hopefully have one or two more trips to close out 2018 : ). Read my thoughts//tips while backpacking for the first time!

#19] Shopping from the farmers market. Buying local is very important to me, + I try to support the farmers market as much as possible! It helps that I’m across the street from one now, too : ). My newest obsession as of lately has been wheat grass shots! So good!

#20] Art wall — As you know I love traveling… typically, I will bring back a piece of artwork//photo from my trip + then hang it on my “art wall.” It’s bright colorful wall to my otherwise “neutral colors” apartment. + it brings back so many memories!

#21] Praying at night with Isaac — Inspired by this, I’ve prayed out loud every night with my boyfriend for months now, + it’s been such a beautiful ritual. Even if I’m not with him in person, we will call each other on the phone just to pray. I encourage you to try this with a friend, partner, or even to your dog… there’s something about praying out loud in the presence of someone//something that feels extra comforting.

#22] AYURVEDA — After hearing about ayurveda from Cat [listen to our podcast on Ayurveda here!], doing a Panchakarma, + then reading “The Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda” ((+ listening to Sahara Rose’s podcast — The Highest Self Podcast)), I’ve gotten hooked. From oil pulling to dry brushing to tongue scrapping to eating slower… I love it all! Eventually want to get my ayurvedic coaching certification : ).

#23] Not picking my face — I’m currently on a 30 “no pick” challenge. Why is it so hard for me?! After being inspired by Ashley on the podcast ((Part 1 on Skincare Routines, + Part 2 on Acne)), I want to give my skin the love that it deserves! Also getting a chemical peel done this month, so that is a good impetus for no picking! Will keep you posted on how this goes.

#24] Dropping the word “busy” — I used to use the word “busy” a lot… almost has a badge of honor. But then, I realized “busy” was an excuse + I wasn’t being impeccable with my word ((The Four Agreements — you need to read it!)). Tony Robbins talks about how “you aren’t busy — it’s just not a priority.” Which brings me to…

#25] TOP THREE PRIORITIES OF THE DAY — I mostly use this for work, but it has helped open up space in all aspects of life. I used to overwhelm my days with “to dos” + had a lot of anxiety over my calendar. But then I realized, I am #inCHAARG of my calendar! What’s the most important thing I need to do today? What’s the next right step? I gave myself grace to create a calendar that excited me, but that still moved CHAARG forward. My calendar changes based on the season, but understanding priorities has been a huge help. ++ always reminding myself of the “why” within everything I do in life.

#26] Naming my fears + then challenging my assumptions on them — “You shouldn’t worry about being afraid… instead, ask yourself: why am I afraid?” As you know, fear typically stops us from moving forward. I’ve been working on changing my mindset on fear [ie — God is punishing me to God is challenging me]. ++ surprisingly, SMILING when I am fearful actually works.

#27] Channeling — “The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.” Trying my best to let my actions speak for themselves! SHOW UP WITH LOVE, every moment.

#28] Don’t take life so seriously. ENJOY! ++ focus on being a good human! I’ve been learning how to live life in “flow” rather than forcing things. ++ it’s been so much more enjoyable. I was really inspired by someone I met who LET ME STAY AT HIS HOUSE + WE MET 2 SECONDS AGO ((find the full story in my Instagram highlights, @etavierne — Good People)) who said: “I just want to show others that there are good people in this world.” That is the most important thing!

Rooting for you always,

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