25 Things I’ve Learned In 2019!

It’s an end of a decade you guys. Wow! As cool as it would to reflect on the past decade, I think that would take way too much brain power — so I’m going to keep the tradition alive + focus on things I’ve learned in 2019!

  • 2017 — hairbrush, healing, chopsticks, holistic doctors
  • 2018 — backpacking, living alone, reiki, spirituality, ashtanga

#1] My dad is a complete + utter rockstar. See why here.

#2] It’s okay to be okay. This was a lesson learned at Vipassana, the 10 day silent meditation retreat I attended with Isaac this spring. More on that here.

#3] Seamstresses work wonders. I tried on a dress that I loved that was extremely on sale… $30 as opposed to $200+… but it didn’t fit as well as I had hoped. Thankfully, I was with my mom + she was like, “oh no big deal, just take it to a seamstress!” PURE MAGIC. It was $15 to bring it in + take a couple inches off the bottom. It now fits like a glove! I’ve brought in several dresses since + a few oversized sweaters to make them cropped, including the CHAARG Crew! I love it!

#4] Acupuncture is powerful. I started having a restricted throat feeling this fall, + committed to seeing an acupuncturist once a week for the rest of the year [I go to Shen Shen in Chicago]. My throat pain still comes + goes, but it has helped alleviate the pain a ton [plus, I swear it’s helped with nasal congestion] — I think I’m going to continue my acupuncture routine for the foreseeable future…

#5] “When you know better, you do better.” I heard this quote from Maya Angelou on Oprah’s podcast + it has stuck. I think about it often + try to live these words as best as I can!

#6] I don’t need to move from Chicago… at least yet. I used be certain that I was going to move from Chicago — even though I hated the thought of fully working virtually, away from the CHAARG team. I dreamed of picking all of us up + moving somewhere warm [re: California], but I knew that I couldn’t do that to them… they all had significant others + they all loved Chicago! I decided to take working remotely in small increments much more seriously, AND I realized that even just a weekend in a different city satisfies my wanderlust soul. Plus, Chicago is the best city to find affordable [+ nonstop flights!] to so many locations.

#7] If I think I’ve slowed down enough, slow down more. No Rush November was everything. So much so that I’m implementing a No Rush 2020 ; )

#8] I’m being tugged to study Jesus + strengthen my prayer practice.

#9] There’s always something more to give away. #TheMagicOfTidyingUp

#10] On that same note…I finally learned how to PUT THINGS AWAY + give everything I own a “space.” No more leaving clothes on the ground! Thank gosh that habit was kicked for good.

#11] Eyelash extensions are beautiful, but the price to maintain is ridiculous…

#12] This is a bold statement but I firmly believe that the lack of energy I had this past year was due to an old apartment — built in 1926! Um… yes, real life. I only lived there for 15 months, but my ceiling leaked multiple times + the hallways smelled AWFUL. I’m 3 months into an apartment that is literally still under construction it’s that new lol, + while I still sleep a lot, I’m not exhausted throughout the day. [Also, I think finally taking my Vitamin D pills semi regularly has also helped — I love this chewable].

#13] All of the money I have spent on clearing up my skin is worth it. I got a facial today + my estitician said, “Wow! You have what we call *normal* skin — not too oily, not too dry… I barely say that to anyone!” Coincidence? I think not. Part 1 of my skin journey here… stay tuned this month for Part 2! : )

#14] Even though I love my eggs, my tastebuds are thriving off a variety of dinners. I literally used to have eggs at least 3X a week for dinner, no joke. I’ve gotten really into using cookbooks — love this one [I add fish or chicken to pretty much every dish… lol].

#15] I NEED TO BE EASIER ON MYSELF! Drawn to vs. driven by…

#16] I love backpacking trips with Isaac, but backpacking trips with a great crew is a cherry on top. [Also, a business opportunity might develop… hey Russo + Dan ; )].

#17] If I think I’m not addicted to social media, give it up for a day… a week…a month… a year! [lol, I hope to give instagram up for a year eventually as an experiment… not there yet!]. My relationship with instagram is chaotic — one day I’m incredible inspired by it, the next day I hate it… + the cycle repeats itself. I want to better understand my relationship with instagram this upcoming year. I’m determined to stop being distracted by it.

#18] My favorite #TavFam trip happened when I was 28 years old… who would have thought?!

#19] I’m 98% over alcohol + dairy. Alcohol because it tastes bad to me + dairy because my stomach isn’t a fan. However, I will gladly have a sip of your wine to seeif I like it… chances are slim, but sometimes we have winners!

#20] My brain [+ soul] works best with focusing on one priority at a time.

#21] “If you want to know how your spiritual life is going, check your relationships” Words from my spiritual director… mic drop.

#22] Favorite book of 2019: A New Earth. “How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment.”

#23] “When you don’t know what to do, do nothing.” Another quote learned from the fabulous Oprah. Get still! Meditate!

#24] A lesson on why we stay stuck, from Tara Brach: the reason we stay stuck is because we have a belief on something + we continue to loop it + think that it’s the “truth” — feelings take 1.5 minutes to pass… they stay because we loop!

#25] Everything can become a lesson in learning how to love better + be a kinder human…

Wishing you all a healthy + happy rest of 2019!

Rooting for you every day,

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