My 2019 Intentions… That I’m Starting To Work On Now ; )

Okay, we know that I like my goals ; ). It might be a little early to start thinking about 2019… [GOTTA ENJOY THE PRESENT!], but I wanted to start the daily check-ins that my friend Josh raved about. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, listen to this podcast ++ read this post.

You can learn how to create your in the pod//post above, BUT — here’s my “daily check-in” that I’ll see via text every morning — in case you need some inspo. I went overboard…

2019 Goals: 
— Daily Sacred Hour
— Clear Skin! : )
— 1–2 New Employees
— 12K Steps Per Day
— Work Away ((1 Month x 2… Tropical))
— Ayurveda Course + Practices
— Coffee As A Treat ((2X Week))
— Create My Space ((Be proud of everything I own + consume))
— Service Trip
— 10 Days Of Silence

Quotes To Inspire:


— Every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity perfectly planned by the Holy Spirit to teach love instead of fear… + the present is always a chance to begin again — a light-filled moment.

— Don’t let what you EXPECTED keep you from what God wants you to experience.

— The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.

— Open you heart, open you mind. Live each day like it’s the last day of your life. Contribute, play, + don’t forget to pray. For it was God who blessed you with this beautiful day.

— Deep Experiences. Explore. Experiment. Energy. Essentialism.
Play. Grow. Connect. Trust.

— Thank God ahead of time. >> Angels, light the way so that all dark vanishes + let me stand in light so bright + clear that I can understand all things that I see.

— The whole purpose of seeking health is so you can tap into this higher, awakened side of yourself. This internal consciousness operates from a [lace of joy, truth, awareness + love.

My Why:

My purpose on earth is to help women learn how to truly love themselves,

++ thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, + spiritually. 

I am led by love + light, + share that every day… 

being fully present to life + seeing God in everyone + everything. 

I am joyful ++ have an open mind, heart, + eyes.

I choose every day to have a happy relationship.

I focus on the “next right step,” listening to my intuition. 

I believe in the power of positive energy + collaboration, 

+ that we collectively need to step up to create the world we want to live in. 

I know that a smile + hug is the best medicine — I give that to someone every day.

Did I tongue scrap this morning?
> Yes!
> No

Did I dry brush this morning?
> Yes!
> No

Did I floss this morning?
> Yes!
> No

Did I meditate for 7 minutes this morning?
> Yes!
> No

Did I do my sacred hour this morning?
> Yes!
> No

How many cups of coffee did I drink this morning?
> 1/4 French Press
> 1/2 Fresh Press
> Full French Press — :O
> Other:

Is my house clean today?
> Yes!
> No

Did I pick at my face yesterday?
> Yes : [
> NO — YOU GO GIRL! : )

Did I eat a meal out yesterday?
> Yes… but it was nourishing, soulful food!
> Yes… won’t be back there.
> No — home cooked food all the way : )

Did I walk 12K yesterday?
> Yes!
> No

Did I finish my 3 priorities for the day yesterday?
> Yes!
> No ((if not — why?))

Did I smile//say hi to a stranger yesterday?
> Yes!
> No

Did I call//text//see a friend or family member today?
> Yes!
> No

Did Isaac + I pray together yesterday?
> Yes!
> No

Did I drink 4 Nalgenes yesterday?
> Yes!
> No

Did I spend less than 15 minutes on Instagram yesterday?
> Yes!
> No

Eeeeek, I can’t believe it’s out in the open! I want to see your daily check-in + learn what you are working on! Tag me in an instagram post or email me! : ).

Rooting for you always,

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