2018 Trend to Watch: LISS

CHAARG girls are huge fans of anything that keeps us on our toes + gets our hearts pumping! That’s why so many of us love HIIT workouts [high intensity interval training]. However, as the New Year approaches it seems to be bringing with it a new type of workout that may steal the fitness world’s spotlight — LISS [low intensity steady state]! LISS combines the intervals of HIIT with low intensity workouts to give us a workout that pushes our bodies without exceeding our limits. While HIIT still remains a huge trend in the fitness world, LISS workouts may become the next big thing to try at the gym!


HIIT workouts always manage to push our bodies to the limit + make for a killer #sweatsesh! These workouts consist of intervals of 20 to 30 seconds of all out, 100% effort followed by a short resting period. HIIT sessions get your heart racing without taking up more than an hour of your day! It’s also a great go-to because it can be done anywhere – no equipment necessary! So next time you’re looking for a more intense workout, try a fast-paced, fun-filled HIIT routine!


LISS [low intensity steady state cardio] workouts consist entirely of low to moderate intense moves, such as a walk on the treadmill or an easy bike ride across campus! LISS workouts still burn as many calories as HIIT workouts, but completing a LISS routine can take a bit more time than those 20 second intervals you’re used to! While intervals are still a necessary part of a LISS workout, they tend to lean more toward 60 seconds instead. These low intensity workouts are a perfect way for someone new to the fitness world to work their way up to those intense HIIT workouts we all know + love!


In the recent debate between HIIT or LISS, the answer is both! If your go-to workout typically has a higher intensity, LISS workouts are great to add into your routine! They give your body a little recovery time without taking a full day off [but don’t forget to take a day off every once in awhile too ; ) ] Allowing your body that little bit of rest also reduces the risk of injury. If you’re more of a low intensity kinda girl, LISS is the perfect day-to-day routine! However, with any lower intensity routine, it becomes more important to focus on pre- + post-workout nutrition to make sure you’re keeping your body fueled + ready to take on those long intervals. So if you choose to take on those every day LISS workouts, make sure you’re studying up on the best post-workout smoothie combination out there ; ) If you’re a high intensity fanatic, HIIT is the perfect workout for you! Those quick workouts are super efficient + can be great to throw into your routine for those in-between work//class workouts. ++ Who doesn’t love a quick, challenging sweat sesh?

So whether you’re HIIT enthusiast or a LISS lover, you’ll be killing your #sweatsesh no matter what! If you’re interested in the LISS life, try researching some fun combinations + share with your fellow CHAARG girls on Instagram! We all love to learn about new workouts!

+Beth [bethb_inchaarg] // GVSU CHAARG

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