20 Ways To Give Yourself Self-Love

Because we all need more sweet self-lovin’ in our lives <3

#1] Take a bubble bath [especially with a LUSH bathbomb, crystals, a face mask, + this playlist]

#2] Speaking of face masks…. I love Mario Badescu’s Super Collagen MaskGLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment, + Peter Thomas Roth’s Therapeutic Sulfur Mask [for spot treatments!]

#3] Set intentions for the day//week//month

#4] Tidy, tidy, tidy! ++ get rid of that which isn’t being used!

#5] Practice highest-self writing

#6] Shop local [especially at farmer’s markets!] ++ then cook something new!

#7] Go to a yoga class, or better yet — do your own yoga flow at home, listening to what your body needs

#8] Meditate [Loving Body Scan Guided Meditation]

#9] Buy yourself flowers or a new succulent!

#10] Read a self-love book

#11] Splurge on a massage, mani//pedi, facial, acupuncture, cupping, etc

#12] Take a 24-hour internet fast

#13] Make a *fun things to do list* + check something off ; )

#14] Explore your spirituality

#15] Do a random act of kindness

#16] Go for a slow, slow walk — either in silence, or while listening to a podcast [#TheCHAARGPodcast ;)] or any other podcast!

#17] Put on your favorite song + dance in your underwear [seriously, this always gets me out of my head + makes me laugh]

#18] Create a morning + evening routine that best serves you

#19] Build a community — “in order to have a friend, you must be a friend”

#20] Speak your truth

What self-love acts did I miss that you love? Let me know! : )

Rooting for you always,

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