15 Tips On How To Stop Procrastinating

With the school year starting, + your to-do lists piling up… we wanted to talk about procrastination. First — read this article that goes in depth about procrastination. It shares:

  • The science behind procrastination
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • The daily routine “experts” recommend for peak productivity

While we love the article, we thought we would get the CHAARG community’s advice + see what your tips are on how to stop procrastinating! Here’s what you said:

.     .     .

#1] Make up fake due dates + convince yourself that it has to be done by then. — @abby_clemens

#2] Schedule time every day to do a part of a project… then you can break it up into small bits! — @jcyoder2021

#3] If a task will take less than 2 minutes, do it immediately. — @nat_alie88

#4] Pomodoro technique! — so. many. of. you!

#5] Phone off, quiet space, + work your way down the list. — @laodicean7

#6] Fill out the entire syllabus of each class in your planner + start giving yourself due dates. — @em_unt_inchaarg

#7] Incentivize yourself with a reward, + embrace the *done is better than perfect* motto. — @renata_inchaarg

#8] Write your goals on sticky notes + put them on your mirror. — @jackienoval

#9] Watch studytubers like Holly Gabrielle + Ruby Granger — @rsharma_inchaarg

#10] Tell yourself to work for 5 minutes. Once started, it will be hard to stop working ; ) — @maddiehvt_inchaarg

#11] Have a study playlist that you only play when you’re doing work — it will get you in the mindset! — @sophia_roning

#12] Set screen time limits on social media black homes to stop the endless scrolling — @laura_anne_n

#13] Start your day by making your bed. It works! — @maddie_wells15

#14] Set alarms! I set alarms for posts, homework assignments, appointments… everything! — @kentstate_inchaarg

#15] Start doing easy task that way you are at least doing something! — @kellythecooke

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