15 Things I’ve Learned In 2017

Another year has come + [almost!] gone, + I’m in ~reflection//appreciation~ mode. This year particularly has been one of growth — I want to remember everything I’ve learned… which is the reason for this blog post : ). Let’s dive in!

#1] It’s important to brush your hair [++ own a hair brush ; )]. This is not a joke, people. I literally did not own a hair brush until a month ago. I would comb my hair with my fingers… YUP. I saw a new hairstylist + she asked what my “hair health” routine was. Gulp. Enough said.

#2] You are the source of your healing… + healing takes awhile. I poured my heart out in this post about healing.

#3] Chopsticks will force you to eat slower — until you get really good at using chopsticks ; ). After traveling to Vietnam + only eating with chopsticks, I realized how much slower I ate my food [+ also enjoyed my food so much more!]. So, I brought chopsticks back home to the USA + have been using them with every meal… including my egg bowls : ). Simple, fun hack!

#4] Podcasts are a gamechanger. I wrote about my favorite podcasts in this post! I can’t run//walk without listening to podcasts now… learn while you burn : ).

#5] The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up really is life-changing. Have you read the book? More importantly, have you “tidied up?” I wrote about it in this post. Yes, I still plan on tidying up every 6 months — 1 year, but MAN — my mindset on my environment + what I buy has changed completely.

#6] Speaking of books — The Four Agreements is everything. If you’re interested in hosting a book club on The Four Agreements, check out this post. Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.

#7] Getting off social media was the space I needed. This year, I took a Facebook hiatus [read more here]+ participated in #NoInputNovember [read more here]. Both experiences were eye-opening, + I highly recommend.

#8] Meditation is good for the soul — do it daily. After completing an MBSR program, + now currently participating in a year-long meditation course, I can confidently say that meditation has the potential to change your life. Just google meditation//mindfulness + you’ll see all the benefits that research has uncovered. For me, acceptance, awareness, + feeling grounded//connected have been my favorite results.

#9] The only constant is change. We all know this, but the grip we hold onto the past//false self//beliefs can be so tight. I’ve given myself permission this year to be more vulnerable + open up, + allow myself//my beliefs to change. It’s been freeing to say the least.

#10] God + angels are speaking to us all the time. I believe that there is a spiritual world among us, that wants to help us on our path… but we have to spend unhurried time to listen to them. I’ve had crazy beautiful experiences this year that I hope to share with you guys someday, but right now, the words that have been screaming to me are “open your heart, open your mind.”

#11] See a holistic doctor! For the first time, I saw an integrative medicine doctor [I go to Dr. Raby if you are in Chicago!]. Their approach towards healing involves mind, body, spirit, + environment. Currently, I’m working with adding new vitamins in my diet + shopping a TON at the farmers markets.

#12] Automatic writing helps to see the bigger picture. Not sure what automatic writing is? Read this. Instead of wrestling with my mind + heart, I’ve been practicing automatic writing to try to understand the advice of my highest self. Every time, I’ve been comforted.

#13] Decision fatigue is a real thing, + the “essentialism” approach will help with prioritizing + energy levels. More on essentialism here — but the main takeaway: less but better. Am I investing in the right activities + people?

#14] Use the last day of each month to review the previous month. For 2017, I had concrete goals [read them here!] — every month, I would write down: how I volunteered//donated, what documentary I watched, what books I read, what vacation//weekend getaway I went on, what health appointments I had, +who I had coffee dates with. ++ then, I wrote down anything from my journal entries that I wanted to remember — quotes, self-discoveries, growth lessons, etc.

#15] The more I know, the more I don’t know. : )

Things I’m currently working on: not assuming//releasing expectations + judgment, trying to cook meals other than eggs… : ), self-love, giving [+ understanding] my time, simplifying, teaching yoga, making more space for God,+ connecting with my family more.

++ most importantly, opening up to this moment + being fully present:

“So often we imagine that *there* is more full of gold than *here* — it is the same with love + dreams + the work of our lives. We see the light everywhere but where we are + chase after what we think we lack, only to find, humbly, it was with us all along.”

“In Thailand, the word for breathing is *hai jai* which translates in English to *give your heart* — to breathe, to simply be aware of that breath, is to give your heart to the world.”

Rooting for you always,


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