The 12 Most Rewarding Aspects Of Starting A CHAARG Chapter

Starting a CHAARG Chapter on your campus can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. It’s an opportunity not only to leave a legacy on your university campus — but to change women’s lives for generations to come! I’ve been out of college for 5 years now + it is still so exciting to see what the University of Cincinnati CHAARG Chapter is up to + to know that I was able to help have an impact on women that I’ll never even meet. We wanted to see how starting a CHAARG Chapter had impacted other founding ambassadors… this is what we learned! 


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Sarah Uddin, Temple University Founding Ambassador, @sarahu.inCHAARG

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter has probably been one of the most incredible things I have done in my entire life thus far. It has taught me a lot about myself + has also prepared me for my life ahead. Starting something from scratch, even though it might be insanely difficult at times, is definitely one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. Starting my own Chapter not only taught me how to deal with a great amount of accountability + stress, but it taught me how to be a mentor to people. It taught me what it felt like to have people rely on you + look up to you ++ that was such a rewarding feeling. I am so, so grateful for this experience.” 

Kiely Curran, Clemson CHAARG Founding Ambassador, @kielyis_inCHAARG

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter on campus changed me into being the person that I want to be, not who college tries to mold you into being. My freshman year, I avoided talking about eating healthy or my struggles with anxiety because I felt one in a million, but CHAARG makes you a part of a larger community. Now I have a FITNESS INSTA [what I never would have imagined that I would do] + talk about my mental health journey. I feel more comfortable in my own skin knowing that at least 96 other girls feel the same way as me.”

Anna Goff, Case Western Reserve University Founding Ambassador, @anna_in.chaarg

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter at CWRU has impacted me in countless ways, but perhaps the area I’ve grown most in is leadership. CHAARG provided me with endless resources + training, but I think that I’ve learned the most from observing all of the other leaders surrounding me. The ambassadors leading Chapters around the country alongside me represent an incredibly diverse group of individuals + I’ve gained so much from watching them + talking to them. The mentors that I have found in CHAARG have also had an immense impact on me. They have believed in me during moments where I’m not quite sure I believed in myself, which means more than words can say. The CHAARG community is one that lifts you up + gives you the confidence to take on the world. That confidence reaches far beyond starting a CHAARG chapter + is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Audrey Rotman, Furman University Founding Ambassador, @audj_inCHAARG

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter on Furman’s campus was the inspiring girls I got to meet. I have a pretty solid friend group + have gotten involved on campus via greek life, but I wouldn’t have ever gotten to meet some of the girls (of all years, majors, + organizations) if it weren’t for CHAARG! I always have a friendly face in the PAC, dining hall, + library because of CHAARG. When girls introduce me as their Small Group Leader to other friends/parents, I always feel like I’ve done something to positively impact at least one person.”

Bella Stechschulte, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Founding CHAARG Ambassador, @bellarae2872

“As a transfer student (I transferred 3 times before I decided to stay at UWM), I never felt like I was apart of something on campus. When I found out about CHAARG I knew I had to start it, not only for myself but for other girls who felt the same way I did. Once the Chapter was up + running I realized that these girls (our members) were helping me grow + learn more than I ever could have imagined. I felt connected to campus, which I hadn’t felt at any other school, + learned skills no classroom could teach me. CHAARG was one of the biggest + most impactful things from my college career + I am so thankful for it. While my priorities are on my future career as a PA right now + I am no longer a part of CHAARG, I will always be their biggest supporter + cannot wait to see how CHAARG grows in the future!”

Courtney Kruggle, Marquette University Founding Ambassador, @courtk_inchaarg

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter was being able to leave a legacy on campus after I graduated. To know that Marquette CHAARG is still *thriving* on campus makes me so happy. Due to my hard work + somewhat crazy idea, I am still helping impact other girls even though I am not actively involved with CHAARG on campus anymore [aside from me crashing random socials ; ) ]. To see it continue to grow each new semester, exec team, + membership base ++ be able to connect with the girls is truly unbeatable!”

Julia Shaughnessy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Founding Ambassador, @jshaun_inCHAARG

“Founding a CHAARG Chapter started out as a solution for myself + my lonely freshman year. I hadn’t found my place on campus + felt like the tiniest fish in the biggest pond. The most rewarding aspect of founding a CHAARG Chapter was that it quickly became so much more than the community that *I* needed, but one that SO many girls on campus needed + I get to continue to watch them joining + growing with that community everyday, even as an alumni! At the end of the day, all I wanted was for UMass CHAARG to be a place where *everybody feels like a somebody*, feels important + supported ++ there is no better feeling than seeing/hearing that girls are gaining that feeling from their membership in the chapter.”

Sydney Beverly, Texas A&M University Founding Ambassador, @sydbev_inCHAARG

“Starting a chapter forces you to really come out of your shell. It matures you socially + professionally. Through having official meetings with the university + the Rec Center, to meeting random girls on campus, you definitely learn how to talk to people in a professional, yet fun tone.”

Jill Jernas, University of Central Florida Founding CHAARG Ambassador, @jill_inCHAARG

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter is knowing that I helped make campus a better place for college aged women. CHAARG does more than introduce workouts — CHAARG creates a support network of women than normalizes sharing highs, lows, physical wins + struggles, mental health wins + struggles, + so much more. My most proud moments were stepping back at events + just hearing incredible conversations that would not have been possible without CHAARG!”

Emily Ganz, Purdue University Founding Ambassador, @ganzy_

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter are the friendships I’ve built out of this community. They are ever lasting, I get to call some of these girls my best friends ++ they are some of my favorite memories from my time at Purdue. A lot of our members at the time I had never met before CHAARG + they took a leap of faith to join this new organization ++ I am BEYOND grateful that they did! These are also the friendships that helped build the foundation for Purdue CHAARG so to see it continue to thrive almost 6 years later is beautiful + I owe it all to the girls who trusted the team + stuck around for more.” 

Sammi Frankenberg, Bowling Green State University Founding Ambassador, @samm_frann

“Ah there were so many rewarding aspects of starting a chapter, but I’d say the one that sticks out the most is the members + community. Planning for + interacting with so many amazing women week after week truly energized me ++ motivated me to pour back into the chapter. “

Alyssa Pike, Penn State University Founding Ambassador, @gratefully_nourished

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter impacted me in so many ways. It gave me the confidence to lead (beyond CHAARG!), helped me practice empathy through working with a small team + empowered me to respectfully speak up for myself. Leading a CHAARG chapter quickly became more than completing a fun workout — that was part of it — but it helped me learn + understand that I really love working with people + helping them understand how important + valuable they are.”

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