12 Mantras To Inspire You This Fall

Our favorite way to feel inspired… mantras! Mantras are short, simple sentences that serve as reminders for whatever you are working on at the moment. There are tons of ways to use mantras, like it’s repeating them over + over as a meditation or writing them some place you see everyday. We collected our favorite mantras to help keep you inspire:

#1] I am becoming the best version of myself.


#2] I will be at ease + enjoy simple moments today.


#3] I embrace chaos + creativity.


#4] Everything I’m looking for can be found within me.


#5] I am the architect of my life.


#6] I am a magnet for positive energy.


#7] I am a priority in my own life.


#8] My body is more than its size or shape.


#9] My dreams are valid.


#10] I am proud of myself.


#11] I am vibrant + full of life.


#12] Where I am is exactly where I need to be.

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