12 Mantras Inspired By The CHAARG Podcast

Our favorite source for endless inspo… The CHAARG Podcast! Here are 12 mantras to inspire you throughout your day [Not sure how to use a mantra? Check out this post!].  Share on Instagram + connect with us using #inCHAARG!

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#1] I choose what I am busy with.

Inspired by Episode #100] Jill Jernas: All Things CHAARG, Ambassador Advice, + Rowing


#2] I surround myself with people who inspire me.

Inspired by Episode #80] Jenny Westerkamp: Sports Nutrition, Dietetics, + Fat Burners


#3] I am stronger than I know.

Inspired by Episode 39] Anna Wassman: Breast Cancer Warrior At Age 25


#4] I am worthy of having fun.

Inspired by Episode #99] Mary Kesinger: 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About Post-Grad Life


#5] I fill up my own cup.

Inspired by Episode #48] Elisabeth + Sarah: 20 Self-Care Tips


#6] I have a choice to set myself up for success.

Inspired by Episode #93] Alissa Becker: Anxiety, Therapy, + Career Transitions


#7] I fuel my body with food + listen when it needs to rest.

Inspired by Episode #42] Alex Mazzurco: Diets, Macros, + Gut Health


#8] I let go of what I think I “should” do.

Inspired by Episode #62] Alexis + Simi: Intuitive Eating, Food Triggers, + Birth Control


#9] I am clear on what I want.

Inspired by Episode #89] Colleen Bordeaux: Am I Doing This Right?


#10] I let go of what does not serve me. 

Inspired by Episode #46] Molly Coeling: Healing Trauma Through Reiki


#11] I am in control of my narrative.

Inspired by Episode #71] Tanya Lozana: Healthy Hood, Inclusivity, + Dancing As Therapy


#12] I face my problems head on.

Inspired by Episode #56] Chef Sarah: Meal Prep Tips, Celery Juice, + Sugar Detox



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