10 Ways To Spice Up Your Run

Most runners (if you run, you are a runner!) know that it can be hard sometimes to get out + do our workouts — we feel like running will be too hard, too time consuming, too boring, etc. I’ve been running for 7 years now +  I have definitely felt this way before!  The good news is, there are SO many ways to make your runs more enjoyable! Here are some of my favorite ways I like to add a little something extra into my workouts:

#1] Treat yourself after your run. Maybe it’s your favorite smoothie, stretching + rolling while you watch TV, or a bubble bath. You could also run to a destination, like a coffee shop, for a reward. My personal favorite post-run reward is a scoop of Ultima electrolyte powder in my water or a Chobani Complete yogurt drink!

#2] Make a running playlist. The CHAARG Run Club playlist on Spotify is a great place to start! Add songs that have a great beat, remind you of good memories, or have a positive, powerful message. 

#3] Find YOUR running gear. Wear gear that makes you feel comfortable and confident. I always run in these Aerie bike shorts (when it’s warm enough) and a pair of goodr sunglasses. Wearing these things makes me feel confident + ready to run!

#4] Track your runs with an app. We use Training Peaks in CHAARG Run Club to keep track of our workouts, but other apps such as Strava or Nike Run Club can be an awesome way to keep track of your progress. I love Strava because I get to see a map of my running route after my run, add pictures + comments to my runs if I want to, see my personal bests, + keep track of how many miles I run each week. 

#5] Break up your run with exercises like squats or lunges. When I ran cross country in high school, my coach made us do a workout called Power 200’s. We had ten minutes to run as many 200 meter repeats (about .12 miles) as possible while stopping to do 15 squats in between each one. This made the workout go by so fast, + we got some strength work in as well!

#6] Run with a friend. I know it’s not always easy to find someone to run with, but if you can, it’s a great way to make the time go by faster! 

#7] Switch up your route. Running the same route all the time can get old; try driving to a trail or public track, running in the city or at a metro park, running on the treadmill, or even running your usual route backwards!

#8] Listen to a podcast or a guided workout. It’s easy to get caught up in an interesting podcast, which can make a run go by a lot faster. My favorite health + wellness podcast is Emily Abbate’s Hurdle. Guided workouts are amazing, too. When I listen to them, it’s like a coach is right there with me! You can find some guided workouts on the Nike Run Club app.

#9] Use music to add some variety to your runs. Sometimes I will listen to my favorite songs and speed up when I hear the chorus or the bridge—whatever part of the song is the most upbeat. It’s a great way to incorporate some speed into your runs.

#10] On a treadmill: Increase your speed by the minute. When I want to do more than just run at a steady pace on the treadmill, I’ll set my speed at 5.0 (for example) and each minute increase my speed by 0.1. So, after 10 minutes, I’ve gotten all the way up to 6.0. You could also do the same with the incline on the treadmill if you’re walking. Getting faster as your body is getting more tired is a great way to increase endurance + a fun way to make your run go by quicker.

Personalizing + switching up your running routine can help boost your motivation + improve the quality of your runs. If your runs have been boring lately or you’ve been feeling unmotivated, one of these tips might be just what you need!

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