10 Ways to Revamp Your Eating Habits

The idea of “dieting” has been so warped today that people think that the only way to be healthy is to be on some kind of diet. But that’s so not true. In reality, the best way to eat healthy is to, well, eat healthy! You don’t need to fall into the trap of some complicated tracking method or expensive meal replacement system to be a healthy eater. Here are 10 do’s + don’ts that are all you need to make your everyday eating habits healthy! 

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#1] DON’T: Confuse Your Carbs

Carbs have gained a bad reputation + are often cut out by people trying to change their diets. However, carbs are actually essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Instead of cutting them out, you can change the way you think about them all together! Carbs are essential, but processed + artificial foods [that usually contain boatloads of them] are not. Make sure that you’re getting your carbs from healthy sources such as fruits, veggies, + whole grains. You should be limiting your refined carbs that come from sugar, white bread/pasta/rice, + preservatives.

#2] DO: Eat on a Schedule

Schedule your meals. Even put them in your calendar if it helps! Try your best to stick to the schedule of eating several small meals + snacks throughout the day, instead of one or two huge ones. This keeps you feeling satisfied throughout the day + keeps your energy up. It also ensures that you are eating enough when you get busy + not reverting to binge eating in your kitchen at the end of the night [we’ve all been there].

#3] DON’T: Drink Your Calories

Sugar is so common in drinks + you may not even realize how much you’re consuming in just a couple of sips. Cutting out these drinks can immensely improve your daily eating habits. Even if you don’t cut them out entirely, try to limit them to just one per day + drink water for the rest of the day. Not only will this cut a lot of unnecessary calories, but drinking water also has a ton of benefits. Try infusing your water to make it even better!

#4] DO: Start Your Day with Protein

Start your day right! We’ve all heard the breakfast is the most important meal, so it is the perfect time to set the tone for the rest of your day. Having a high-protein breakfast will help you increase satiety throughout the day, meaning you will stay fuller for longer. If you pair it with some healthy carbs or fat, you will be fueled ++ ready to go!

#5] DON’T: Overdo it with the Condiments

Many people fall into this trap. Once they have that healthy meal, they destroy it without even realizing it. Dressing + salad toppings are the perfect example. You should feel free to include condiments in your meal, just make sure you are aware of how much you are using — especially when comes to dipping sauces. It adds up quickly. Try getting food with more seasonings or natural flavor to limit the need for these condiments.

#6] DO: Talk to Yourself

Yes, for real. Ask yourself, “how hungry am I really?” or “do I really need this right now?” Help yourself figure out if you need it, or if you just want it. Ask yourself if you would eat an apple right now instead, because if not, you may not actually be hungry. Recognize your moments of weakness + coach yourself through it. Remind yourself of why you want to be healthy + to stay strong!

#7] DON’T: Ignore Your Cravings

While you should definitely be smart about what you’re eating + try to make healthy decisions as much as possible, we all have cravings ++ should indulge every now + then. It’s a part of being human + you should not deprive yourself from your favorite foods. Eating balanced meals every day will help you reduce cravings + ensure that when you really want the cheeseburger, you can enjoy it guilt free. If you find that you are craving something frequently, drill down to find out why you are craving it + replace it with a healthy option that still satisfies.

#8] DO: Practice Mindful Eating

Busy lifestyles make this hard to do. We live in a time where everything feels like it should be grab + go, ++ rarely do people actually sit down to eat with a purpose. You are eating to fuel your body — this is a very important task + you should treat it as such. Sit down while you eat + lower your fork in between bites. Eat slowly instead of rushing to finish + check in throughout the meal so that you stop eating when you are satisfied [not when you’re completely stuffed].

#9] DON’T: Tempt Yourself

It’s not bad to buy yourself some treats when you go grocery shopping, but don’t store them right in front of your face so that they’re the first thing that you see every time you step foot into the kitchen. Keep them hidden + out of the way. Meanwhile, keep plenty of healthy foods in hand. Always have some veggies cut up to snack on + make it easier for yourself to make the healthy choice.

#10] DO: Plan in Advance

Sitting down + meal prepping your entire weeks’ worth of meals on a Sunday may not be for everyone, but it helps to at least have an idea of what’s going on. Life can get busy + we’ve all had those weeks where we fall into the trap of one fast-food meal after a long day. Make sure you have enough food for the week + healthy foods ready that you can grab + go. If you know that you are going out one night or you have a special occasion, plan your “cheat meal” + try to stay healthy the rest of the week so that you don’t have to worry about anything during that meal.

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There you have it. Try to implement these 10 tips into your everyday eating habits. If it seems like a lot, choose one at a time! Focus on making that a normal part of your diet, + once you get that down, move onto the next one. Remember, a fad diet is not sustainable. You want to find ways to eat that are healthy, but that will also be maintainable for the rest of your life! Take your time + make sure that you are implementing real changes into your diet.


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