10 Ways To Be Motivated To Rise + Run

If you haven’t seen the mass amounts of Insta, Twitter ++ Facebook posts in the past two weeks, then SURPRISE it’s #runCHAARG. We are encouraging our members + everyone interested in CHAARG to RISE + RUN  — wake up early + log your miles before 8 am. If you aren’t a morning person [like myself] waking up before 8 am can be daunting ++ maintaining the motivation to continually log miles before 8 am can be tough. But like all CHAARG girls, we love to push our boundaries + set new // exciting goals for ourselves — #runCHAARG is no different. We are here as a supportive + motivating community to help you achieve your #runCHAARG goals [50 miles all logged before 8 am by September 18th].

Once you test out our tips + get into a weekly routine of RISING + RUNNING, I’m sure you’ll [almost] enjoy waking up a few hours earlier to live a few hours more.


In your mind, rolling out of bed at 5:45 am + throwing on the nearest pair of running shorts accompanied by your grey CHAARG tank, sounds easy. But in reality, at 5:45 am you will want to give yourself every excuse in the book to avoid that 6 am run – even “*But I don’t have anything to wear,*” or “*My running watch isn’t CHAARGed. I can’t run without it.*” If you lay out your workout gear the night before your run, it will save time + the silly excuses you make as to why you can’t log miles before 8 am.


Your dreaded alarm clock — you cringe when you hear the classic melody start playing. You reach to turn it off as soon as possible, *accidentally* hitting the snooze button a time, or 6 times. DON’T HIT SNOOZE! Hitting the snooze is almost a morning ritual for some people, but once you get out of the habit of hitting snooze you’ll be up + out of bed putting on your FitGear in no time. Also, setting your alarm clock across the room may seem repetitive + ineffective, but believe me it gets your booty out of bed!


Because you are RISING before the sun, once your alarm sounds jump out of bed + flip the light switch. If you are somewhere the sun comes up by 6 am — sleep with your blinds open to allow natural morning light to creep in your window. If you live in a campus area with streetlights, sleeping with your blinds open can also be effective. If you sleep in a pitch dark room it can discourage you from getting out of bed, or even worse it can suck you back in bed once you’re awake.


Physically getting out of bed tends to be the hardest part of waking up early, but once you’re up + movin’ you’ll be groovin’ before no time. Make a “morning playlist” 15-20 minutes long to get you ready + out the door. Incorporate songs that are empowering, or songs that get you pumped pre-run. Music does something to the soul that other motivators just cannot do. Music will be you’re #1 “bae” to get through RISING + RUNNING.


Burr. It’s cold in here. There must be some water in the atmosphere. Seriously though, drinking a large glass of ice cold H2O boosts metabolism first thing in the morning. It’s refreshing ++ anything cold in general seems to instantaneously makes you feel more alert.


Working out with a fellow CHAARG girl, or someone interested in CHAARG not only gives you more motivation, but committing to a sweat sesh holds you accountable for your workout. It will also be a blast sweating it out with your CHAARG BFF!


Jot down a small journal entry every morning you run — write down 3 things you are thankful for + focus on those 3 things, or people in your life while you’re running. This will take no longer than 2 minutes + can be in your notes on your phone, or physically in a journal. Keeping in mind 3 things you are thankful for throughout your run will give you strength to keep going + will remind you why you started in the first place.


#PositiveVibesOnly. One main factor that discourages early morning workouts is negativity — cue the excuses. If you can get into a positive mindset [i.e. thinking of things you’re thankful for] + exude positivity in every aspect of your life the excuses you once made for yourself will be eliminated. The typical “hit snooze 6 times + complain throughout your *whole* workout,” will turn into you waking up to your first alarm + being ready to hit the pavement.


Treat yo’self for completing your goals! Set a weekly, or monthly, goal reward. For example if you get up Monday – Friday + log miles reward yourself with a delicious juice from your local juice bar, or a scrumptious smoothie. Make your monthly goal rewards larger — i.e. if you log miles every morning Monday- Friday for a month treat yo’self to a piece of new workout gear. #Fitsionista


Have you EVER heard someone say, “Wow! I really wish I didn’t do that workout?” NO, because #endorphins. Pre-workout groans are usually silenced by the overwhelming sense of adrenaline + endorphins your body produces throughout your workout. When your workout ends you receive a reminder as to why you started in the first place + why you love to live a healthy lifestyle. Feeling the post workout endorphins flow through your body not only improve your well-being, but they allow you to release #PositiveVibes for the rest of your day!

Logging miles before 8 am can be intimidating + difficult at times, but in CHAARG girl fashion we crave a challenge. Following these 5 ways to stay motivated will certainly help you accomplish your #runCHAARG goals + conquer yet another CHAARG challenge!

+Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

+ Photography // Kaitlyn Bowman

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