10 Tips For Healthy Traveling

Whether you’re trekking across the Alps or visiting a high school friend for the weekend, maintaining your health + fitness can be hard – really hard. You’re out of your regular routine, surrounded by #droolworthy, but less than nutritious food + surrounded by an array of other temptations. It’s easy to slip into unhealthy eating + drop your daily workout regimen, but we promised you your happiest, fittest summer ever + we’re stickin’ to it. After doing some traveling of our own, here are a couple of tips + tricks we’ve found to keep ourselves on track.


No matter if you’re going on a plane, train or automobile, snacks will be your savior from over-priced airport food + fast food joints you pass along the way. Pack some of CHAARG’s healthy favorites like Quest Bars + ginnybakes cookies. Fruits + cut-up veggies also make great travel companions.


The not-so bright side of traveling is often people can get sick when exposed to different environments than they’re used to – new people, food, etc. Make sure to throw your allergy, stomach + pain medicine in your bag. Murphy’s Law says, if you pack the medicine, you won’t need it, but if you forget it, you’ll spend your entire trip trying to find it at a local store.


When we’re home, we likely have our cars or other forms of transportation that take us from Point A to Point B. But on vacation, you aren’t strapped by deadlines + mad dashes out the door. Put on your running shoes + take the scenic way to the beach or museum. It’s prettier + it helps you get in a mini sweat sesh.


You’re on vacation! If an avocado margarita or a juicy cheeseburger is calling out to you, eat up! Just remember to indulge in moderation. This food may taste good, but after eating healthy on a regular basis, indulging too much may result in a stomach ache.


Instead of lounging around during all of your vacation, organize a couple of fun, sweaty activities. These can be anything from a biking tour of the city to kayaking in a national park. Bonus points if you take a selfie in your CHAARG gear. ; )


We’re not talking restaurants [though, those are tasty + worth a trip, too!]. We’re encouraging you to find a local farmer’s market with the city, town or province’s freshest grub. Homemade meals are usually healthier than those found at a restaurant + tastier too.


Most gyms + studios offer a free introductory class for individuals interested. If you’ve been thinking about trying Pure Barre, Yoga or even CrossFit, find a gym near where you’re staying. There will be no pressure because you’ll never see these people again [though we know you’ll do well!], + you’ll be able to decide if you want to keep it up when you head home.


I’m going to say it again: hydrate. Drinking enough water is incredibly important, especially when you’re walking, biking + hiking your way through a new town. When you’re busy, you’re likely to forget to drink as much as you should, so pack a water bottle. Promise yourself that you’ll bring it with you everywhere. It’ll keep your body functioning properly + help save you from a miserable morning following that extra avocado margarita you had.


You’re exploring new things, walking more than regular + [if you’re lucky] doing a bit of swimming. Your body needs rest. It’s easy to say, “I’ll catch up on my sleep when I get home,” but sleep is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy. Give it the time it needs.


No one ever wants vacation to end, but for most of us, there comes a time when we have to head back to the real world. When you get home, get back into your healthy habits – regular workouts + nutrient-dense foods. Don’t let the lax vacation attitude extend too far past your return trip. It stinks at first, but you’ll be happy you did.

Got through the list + didn’t see a tip you swear by? Share it with us! Until then, run through this 20-minute workout routine that you can do *literally* anywhere. Complete it on a mountain top. Complete it on a remote island. Just complete it. Then be sure to take a sweaty selfie after + tag CHAARG on your #inCHAARG insta.

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+ Grace [@gm.inchaarg], Kent CHAARG

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