10 Things To Get Rid Of This Spring

We *LOVE* spring cleaning! ++ as we say goodbye to winter + the freezing temps, there’s nothing like a true closet reCHAARG to get ourselves ready for spring + summer [helloooo shorts + tank season!]. But even after a good declutter, there’s always those few things that slip through the cracks, year after year…

Are you ready? These are your 10 things to ditch. Right. Now.

#1] The growing collection of heels you never wear, but has nearly doubled since freshman year. Despite how cute each pair is, it’s totally okay to accept defeat. ++ by defeat, we mean the joy it comes with wearing comfy booties out instead. ; ) [oh, but keep one really good pair for special occasions!]

#2] That really nice designer bag that you scored at Rue La La//Gilt//HauteLook//Nordstrom Rack, but have only carried twice. Forgive yourself + cash that thing out at your local consignment//resale shop, like a Plato’s Closet, 2nd Time Around, or Buffalo Exchange!

#3] Any *going out* clothes that you haven’t touched in the last year. Um, bye bandage skirts + old halter tops. ++ along with those, donate any lingering prom or college formal dresses. If you wouldn’t wear it to your best friend’s wedding, it’s gotta go!

#4] The overflowing drawer of high school + college freebie t-shirts. Save your five favorites [+ of course, all of your CHAARG gear!] + gift the rest to underclassmen. Everyone loves *vintage* ; ). ++ if you just can’t part with them [we know, we know — change is hard], consider making a t-shirt quilt, the perfect keepsake for years ahead!

#5] Fit gear that’s no longer supportive or showing extreme signs of wear [like discoloration or pilling] — ++ yes, even if it’s lulu ; ).

#6] ++ while you’re at it, it’s time to *finally* ditch all of those old running shoes that you’ve been *saving for your first mud run*. Trust us — when it happens, you’ll have something to wear.

#7] Gifts that you’ve been holding onto just because they’re gifts. Do you really need to own four, very similar pashminas from various Eurotrips you didn’t even go on? Do you think your great aunt will honestly notice if you donate that awful, wool sweater from Christmas 2009? Say no + carry on.

#8] The endless lbs + lbs of fashion jewelry from Forever 21 + H&M. You know — the ones where the metal finish rubs off after the first wear. ++ now that they’re gone, you have an excuse to grow up + invest in some fancier baubles! You’re welcome ; ).

#9] Beaded tops with missing beads/stones/sequins. T-shirts [+ really any clothing] with indistinguishable stains. I mean, really.

#10] ++ finally, anything you’re saving only for the results of your next Fit Plan, race training, or new diet. Clothing that you’re holding onto for who you want to be, but not who you are. Because the most important *thing* to get rid this season is any self-doubt. Accept + love who you are right now.

LIFEHACK >> As you begin your own closet detox, start organizing everything that’s gotta go into three, separate piles: to sell, to gift//donate, ++ to toss out. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make some quick cash on the more expensive + less-loved items [like designer handbags, leather jackets, etc.] or to pass on items that someone you know [a little sister, BFF, or fellow CHAARGie] could easily find a new home for. Anything that’s had it’s moment [with visible wear  + tear] can definitely get the boot. Happy cleaning!

++ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // Post Grad CHAARG

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  • Katie

    Just so you guys know if you take your unwanted clothes to any H&M and recycle them you can get a 15% off your purchase coupon! They take anything worn or really worn. You can even donate blankets and other textiles! Things that can be reused are donated to charities and things that are really worn are recycled and the fibers are used to make things like insulation and upholstery for your car. And the remaining stuff that just can’t be used is burned for energy. That way your unwanted clothes go to good use and don’t end up in a dump somewhere and you help out planet earth plus save some money on your new clothes!

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