10 Podcasts To Inspire Your 2023 Intentions

We gathered our top favorite 10 episodes that will get you inspired for 2023!

#106] Simi Botic: Finding Freedom With Exercise, Movement Menu, + Motherhood

Why I Love It:  Exercising more is the most common New Year’s resolution — but likely for all of the wrong reasons. I love the way Simi talks about exercise as movement with the goal of making us feel good + nothing else. This podcast challenged my resolutions to be rooted in the right reasons.

Mic-Drop Moment: “I believe that movement is such an awesome way that we can take care of ourselves + such a great component to our self care tool box + so creating a healthy relationship with it is so important.”

.     .     .

#49] Cat Aldana: Meditation For Beginners

Why I Love It: Meditation has been a goal of mine for years — I know it is good for me [+ I need it] but I have such a hard time following through + committing. I feel much more confident + motivated to keep this resolution after Cat broke it down!

Mic-Drop Moment: “Meditation has helped me be a lot less reactive about situations + things. I feel like I have a leg up or I can get ahead of people just because I have that moment of pause that I’ve learned to harness where I can process information first + then respond or react.”

.     .     .

#98] Elisabeth + Sarah: Goals Vs Intentions

Why I Love It: Before listening to this podcast I honestly did not know the difference between goals + intentions… or why it mattered. This quick listen will help you jumpstart the process of making goals for 2021!

Mic-Drop Moment: “I think that a goal is a singular accomplishment or event. Kind of like the *what* of my life + the intention is more of the lifestyle or the way of being. + I call that the *how* of what I’m doing.”

.     .     .

#65] Chris McAlister: Identity Fears, Coaching vs Counseling, + Pain As A Motivator

Why I Love It: This podcast helps to find the silver lining if you had a hard year + learn how it can better you in 2023.

Mic-Drop Moment: “A chip on your shoulder can get you to be world class. You will not keep + sustain world class without that chip on your shoulder, because you’re degrading within, you’re not learning to renew within.”

.     .     .

#102] Ariel Upton: Writing Letters To Yourself, 365 Day Commitment, + Volume Two (!) Of TIDIR

Why I Love It: I love how this podcast made me feel. Ariel has a great way of reframing + evaluating every day. She puts herself first + this allows her to tackle the entire year in a much more successful way!

Mic-Drop Moment: “If I had a day where I said not one right thing happened to me, I’m choosing that. Yeah, that’s not reality. That’s not being naive. That’s not facing reality. That is a choice to say that everything is wrong + I can’t find the silver lining in anything.”

.     .     .

#53] Mary Kesinger: Confidence, Creative Wellness, + Boundaries

Why I Love It: MaryK is always two steps ahead of me in terms of knowing the latest social media trends, accomplishing ridiculously cool things [like writing a book], + knowing what I need before I know I need them. Listen to this podcast for a lesson on implementing boundaries + other methods of self-care.

Mic-Drop Moment: “You don’t know you have those creative releases until you try them. So, a lot of people think *Oh, I’m an adult, it’s too late to learn hobbies. I didn’t do that when I was a kid, therefore I can’t do that now* + that’s not true at all.”

.     .     .

#6] How To Write From Your Highest Self

Why I Love It: Writing is another habit I know I need but for some reason feel resistance toward. This podcast describes an approachable method to practice in 2021 + it even has 5 journaling prompts to get us started! 

Mic-Drop Moment: “If you are in a space of negativity while writing to your highest self, it’s likely you haven’t forgiven yourself yet + you aren’t ready for the answers that writing will reveal. It’s okay to wait + take your mind off of it, then revisit.”

.     .     .

#14] 3 Processes To Manifest Your Dreams + Desires

Why I Love It: The word “manifest” itself is intimidating to me — I feel like it is an out-of-reach magic. In this podcast Elisabeth breaks down 3 ways anyone can manifest what they want in 2021.

Mic-Drop Moment: “Goals should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like work… just take the right next step. What can you do right now to move you in the direction of what you want?”

.     .     .

#10] Bret Gornik + Jason Loebig: How To Have The Best Day Ever

Why I Love It: Bret + Jason are *the* most optimistic + it is truly inspiring. The “best day ever” sounds overly positive, but it is truly something we can have. Even if you consider yourself an optimist, I encourage you to listen + challenge you to learn from them!

Mic-Drop Moment: “Every day, no matter what, I spend time in my head. If everything else changes this is the calm in the chaos.”

.     .     .

#84] Anthony McClain [Part Two!]: 5 Pillars Of Wellness, Gratitude Vs. Appreciation, + Failure

Why I Love It: Gratitude is something we really focus on in November + December for the holidays + revisit at the beginning of the new year + forget about for the other 9 months. Listen to this podcast for an overall view of wellness, failure, + learn the difference between appreciation + gratitude — use this to be more thoughtful in 2023!

Mic-Drop Moment: “Gratitude is the engine that makes everything possible.”

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