10 Phone Rules I [Try To!] Live By

For a long time, I questioned if I should delete social media [mainly talking about Instagram, as I don’t use Facebook anymore]. Recently, I completely changed my mindset to wanting to spend more time on Instagram because I realized the magic of this platform that allows all of us to have a voice. It’s a tool for connectivity — but it’s important that we use it, as opposed to allowing it to use us. Follow?

It’s up to us to create rules for ourselves based on how “addicted” we are to our phones. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s helped me. Here are the *rules* I try to implement daily…

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#1] My phone sleeps [lol — I subconsciously typed this, love it] in my kitchen — this prevents me from mindless scrolling before bed. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now + have never slept better.

#2] Every time I post on instagram, I ask myself — “Is what I’m saying of value? Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” Someone posted that once, + it’s stuck with me. I also added — “Is it funny?” Because we can all use a little more humor in our lives .

#3] I batch text. I gladly admit that I’m an awful texter. Similar to how “batch emailing” is a thing — I take a couple times a day to check my texts + respond!

#4] Meditation has allowed me to become aware of so many aspects of my life… one of them being the amount of time I spend on my phone! When I realize that I’m mindlessly using my phone, or constantly checking instagram out of boredom, I delete my app for the day.

#5] My phone is always on silent. Always, always, always.

#6] Every morning I start the day with a “sacred hour” — this is 60 minutes of me-time without my phone or computer. I put instrumental music on, + an alarm for 60 minutes, so that I’ll know when the time is up. This is my time for coffee, yoga, journaling, writing, a face mask — it’s an unhurried time that I do whatever I want! I know this sounds lavish, but I’ve been waking up at 6 AM just so that I can make this time for myself, ++ it has been absolutely incredible.

#7] I only look at a select amount of peoples’ stories. Stories is SUCH a fun feature… but, again — ADDICTIVE! For a couple months, I created a “fake instagram account” + only followed 7 people. These were the only people I could watch stories from. It was an interesting experiment. Now, I just go to the person//brand’s account if I want to see a story, rather than scrolling through all the accounts at the top of my feed [even though, I think with instagram’s algorithm the people that you “follow” the most show up first…?]. A question that I ask myself is — what is the purpose of what I’m doing? If it’s to learn something, fine. If it’s to “catch up on someone’s life,” that brings me to #8…

#8] I pick up my phone + call someone! Or, text them to meet up! I want to connect with people in person! This is so, so important to me. I know that people have incredible online relationships, but I want the “live” version.

#9] THEN, when I’m actually with someone, I try to not be on my phone at all [unless I’m taking a picture ; )]. I think it’s so rude when people are texting, scrolling, etc when they are with another person. What is that saying about your priorities? Live in the present! Is the present really that boring? If yes, how can you make it more fun//engaging? [Or, leave the situation if possible!]

#10] Lastly — I remember this quote: “We are so obsessed with stars because we aren’t starring in our own lives.” MIC DROP. I want to star in my own life!

.     .     .

Do you have any phone rules? I’d love to hear ; ).

Rooting for you always,


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  • Elly Maras

    I use the free app called “Moment” to track how many minutes/hours I spend on my phone. This app is also great because it tracks how many times I pick my phone up throughout the day. Definitely eye-opening at first!

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