10 Must-Haves For Cold Weather Running

I used to hate running in the cold. Anything below 40 degrees + I was inside, on the treadmill [or more likely – not running at all ; )]. However, this past year, something shifted in me. I started enjoying the brisk air that takes your breath away before you start running. I began to crave the solitude on the trail. I  love the camaraderie of the other runners out there who nod at each other saying *you’re a badass* to each other for getting out here + getting after it. I officially became a cold-weather runner! 

The most important thing that enabled me to become a cold-weather runner was learning how to dress! I probably *overdress* for every run — but I’d rather have too many layers on + ditch them on the trail than not enough! Keep in mind that your body will heat up fast when you start running, so dress like it’s 10-15 degrees warmer than what it is [for example – if it’s 30 degrees outside, dress like it’s 40 or 45]. To help you with gearing up to run in the cold, we’ve compiled a list of 10 cold-weather gear essentials. Check them out + then get out there + #runCHAARG! 

#1] Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Mock Shirt: sweat wicking to keep you dry + warm while you’re out on the trail! This is a great base layer to wear. 

#2] Merino 250 Wool Active ¼ Zip: the next layer to add – a merino wool quarter zip that moves sweat away from the body + offers odor control [lessening the loads of laundry you have to do]! 

#3] Brooks Canopy Jacket: wind + water resistance are key for those outdoor runs that will have you taking on all the elements. This one also packs down into a small zip pocket – so you can easily stash it if you get too warm while running. PS — we love the bright pink!

#4] Craft Women’s Repel Running Jacket: this jacket is great if you want to spend a lil’ extra [or ask for a gift!] — it was named best jacket from Runner’s World for a reason. 

#5] Nike Women’s AeroLayer Running Vest: this vest packs into a pocket for easy storage + offers great storage for your phone, keys, etc while you’re out on the trail. 

#6] Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Run Tight: these are sweat wicking + quick drying so you stay warm while you run. With mesh ventilation behind the knees + a light fleece lining, they’ll make sure you stay warm in chilly temps – but not *too* warm ; ) 

#7] Brooks Greenlight Glove: There is nothing worse than cold fingers or cold ears on a long run. These gloves will keep your hands from going numb + allow you to post a sweaty selfie right after your run without taking them off! PS – grab the Nightlife color if you’re going to be running in the dark. 

#8] Balega Blister Resist Socks: I never thought I would spend so much money on socks until I started getting blisters. Invest in great socks – you won’t regret it! These socks are great for all weather – I’ve run in them through the heat of summer + they are keeping my feet warm in the cold of winter! 

#9] Under Armour Around Town Headband: The only thing that *might* be worse than cold fingers on a run is cold ears. I love a good fleece lined headband that covers my ears + keeps my hair out of my face! 

#10] Buff Thermonet: I hadn’t really heard of a *buff* until this year in my winter running group + it has been a game changer. I wear mine pulled up around my nose to start my runs + then pull it down once I’ve started breathing heavy. It keeps my face from getting too frosty + makes getting out there a lot easier. There are also 12 different ways to wear it #versatility. 

I hope this cold weather running gear guide helps you tackle the trails outside! You won’t regret getting out there + getting a run in this winter. 

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