10 Ideas For a Day-Cation

Tired of the same old — same old routine? Uninspired by your day-to-day life? Dislike racking your brain for an answer each time you’re asked, “Hey, what’s new”? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it’s time you upend your tired, old routine + spice up your life.

We know what you’re thinking — “I don’t have time for that,” “I’m too exhausted after working all week,” + “I shouldn’t spend money on that right now”. ++ we hear ya, but you know what? Changing up your routine doesn’t take much — a simple change can even make you happier + healthier, boost your energy, + save you money! Nope, this isn’t one of those *too good to be true* claims. These 10 ideas are simple + some can be accomplished in those few hours after your 9-5. Give one a try + you might just get addicted to the thrills you feel from refreshing your routine.


Leave the car parked in the garage, put on some comfortable shoes, + take a bus//train//cab into the heart of your city. Walk the side-streets, check out the buildings you’ve never been in before, + don’t be afraid to get a little lost [Google maps can help ya if you end up in a bind]. Grab coffee or a juice from that new shop you’ve been hearing about, stop for brunch at a restaurant you’ve yet to try, or order a round of drinks from the bar that’s been on your list. Exploring your own city on foot will force you to look at things in a new light + who knows — you might just fall in love your city all over again ++ discover some new *favorites*.


Okay — we know sometimes you *need* to see the latest episode of your show, but Netflix as a daily, post-work routine? Just say no, or you’re putting yourself on a surefire track to monotony. Instead of diving onto the couch immediately after walking in the door, try something different. Start learning a new skill, sign up for community or a workout class, or get wild + unleash your creativity. Mastering a new hobby will not only give you interesting stories, but you’ll learn more about yourseld + the less hours you spend in front of the TV — the greater your Mental+Physical health.


Instead of sharing drinks + apps with your co-workers at your go-to place, give your happy hour a different meaning. Pack up a easy, travel friendly picnic dinner, head to a local park or go on a short hike, + share a meal with friends. Not only will the new scenery be a refreshing change, but you’ll likely save a few dollars + spending time outdoors can be a serious happiness booster.


Do you take the same route to work every morning? Most people do + in a short while — that route becomes tedious + may feel like a waste of your time. The good news? It’s pretty easy to spice up your commute. If you walk to work — try walking a path you’ve never taken. Drive or ride to work? For a more health-conscious option, try running or cycling home from the office. You’ll see things from a new perspective + your unavoidable commute will become exciting once again.


Sometimes you daily responsibilities run long past 5pm, but you’ve still got time to squeeze in a mini-adventure. Summer skies are usually cloud free, so head out for a night-time walk under the light of the next full moon. It’ll only take an hour, but the world feels wild by night + the new fresh perspective can great for creativity or a quick mental refresh.


Pack up a truck with some snacks, sleeping bags or warm blankets, + a couple flashlights. Drive out to a nearby campground or the closest forest + set up camp in the truck bed. You’ll get the feel of camping with no equipment or major planning needed. The best part? In the morning, you can toss everything in the backseat, head out +  be back for work or school all by 9am.


Grab some friends + sign up for a race in a city different than your own. You’ll get the chance to explore a city in a unique way + race weekends often have great deals that can save you a few bucks.


Unless you’re a West Coast local, the sunset can be a bit elusive. Just as the evening light begins to fade, hop in your car + start driving towards the sunset, but be sure to bring a map or GPS so you can find your way back. Find a nice place to stop + watch the last rays of light fade. The excitement of not knowing where you’re going + spending a few hours cruising to your favorite summer songs make this mini-road feel like great adventure.


If mornings are more your style, try squeezing in a sunrise activity before heading off to work or class. Try out a new workout, outdoor workouts like yoga, paddling, or hiking give you the added benefit of a sunrise view. If it takes you awhile to wake up enough to workout, try grabbing an early morning breakfast with a friend — most cities have cafes that open at 6 just for these occasions.


Are you always wishing you had more time? Well — turns out you do, but you just haven’t taken advantage of it! What if we told you waking up 20 mins earlier or staying up 20 mins later each day would earn you 5 more days each year? Yep. Pretty unbelievable — but this simple change can score you almost an entire week per year. Add that up over the years ++ you’re gaining a substantial number of hours back over a lifetime. Take 20 to sip your morning coffee + enjoy those few minutes before the world starts buzzing awake. Lace up + hit the streets for a few quick miles. Use that time to try out that hobby you *didn’t have time for* [yoga, meditation, you name it]. The options are endless!

If these options still seem too challenging, remember that simply leaving your phone at home + going for a walk is can be enough of a break from the constant buzz ++ might be just what you needed. Tiny actions can have big improvements in your daily life + can help you find peace amidst the chaos.

+ Teresa [@tasandoval], Creative Project Lead

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