10 Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday Season [+ Why You Deserve It!]

We know as college girls you’re likely on a tight budget during the year + can find it hard to justify splurging on a new item. This holiday season, as you’re buying alllll the gifts for friends + family, don’t forget to show yourself some love too! Here are some of our suggestions to give yourself a little gift during the holiday + boost your holiday cheer ; ).

1] Massage — Massages are a splurge that you don’t treat yourself to on the average day, so they’re perfect for a yearly gift to yourself! Massages are also a type of meditation [check out 7 ways to meditate here!]. Massages have so many benefits from stress relief, anxiety relief, + improved health — so they’re a perfect way to de-stress this holiday season.

2] Face Masks — Take care of your beautiful skin + treat yourself to a new face mask! From affordable brands like Tony Moly to more luxury masks like Glam Glow or Mario Bedescu, your skin will be glowing with this gift to yourself. Find out which masks are best for your skin type here + get maskin’!

3] Fitness Class Package — Give yourself the gift of a great sweat sesh this year! We all know that local fitness studio class packages can be ~expensive~ [which is what makes the CHAARG membership so great!]. But the holiday season is a perfect chance to grab a class package guilt-free. Check out your local yoga, barre, pilates, or kickboxing studio [just to name a few!] + see what packages excite you the most!

4] Body Positivity Challenge — February is “the month of love,” ++ while we are totally into romantic relationships [+ of course friendships], we are most passionate about self-love. The package includes a GRL PWR tee, a Gratitude Journal, a Quote Print, a Self-Love Toolkit + much much more! Give yourself the gift of self-love + join us for the challenge! Grab the Body Positivity Challenge here!

5] Bath Bombs — A relaxing bath is one of our favorite ways to have some *me time* + practice self-care! From LUSH bath bombs to DIY ones you can make from home, they’re the perfect way to #treatyoself this holiday season!

6] Books — We LOVE a good book! They’re the perfect way to ~relax~ after a long day + open your mind up to new ideas! From self-love books to everyday reads, we have so many great ones to recommend! Check out some of our favorite fiction reads [like Paper Hearts + All the Bright Places — just to name a few ; ) ]. We also love a good wellness book [check out some of our favorites here!]. With the extra time you’ll have over winter break, books are a great gift to yourself to keep you busy!

7] New Workout Outfit — Is it just us or does wearing a new workout outfit make you ten times more excited to go workout?! We know that quality activewear can get pricey, so the holidays are a great time to ask for new pieces or #treatyoself to some ah-mazing leggings. Bonus points if its CHAARG Gear ; )

8] Oil Diffuser — Essential oils have so many amazing benefits + there are so many essential oil recipes you can try! Diffusers can be great to help you fall asleep, relieve stress, + much more! They’re a perfect gift to yourself that you can use all year long!

9] Apartment Decor — The New Year is the perfect excuse to spice up your space! Adding new pieces can help to make your room feel more cozy + just like home. Check out some little ways to make your room feel like new!

10] CHAARG Spring Membership — Make yourself a priority this semester by joining your university’s CHAARG community! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did ; ) Grab your Spring Membership here!

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