10 Coffee Alternatives To Get Your Morning Energy Fix


I am almost sure that my friends, family + the UC CHAARG Exec Team think I need to attend some type of intervention for *girls addicted to coffee*. I consume anywhere from my daily two cups [with breakfast] to upward of four cups. It sounds crazy telling you I regularly consume FOUR CUPS of coffee per day – clearly it’s time for a change, which is why I started researching if *too much coffee* is bad for you + started looking for some natural alternatives to that rush of caffeine.

If you are a *one to three cup* kind of gal, you are at an elevated risk of high blood pressure [yikes]. If you like to kick it up a notch — consuming *three to five cups* per day you increase the risk of caffeine overdose. That may sound scary ++ it’s super rare, but if you consume a little more than two 5Hour Energy shots worth of caffeine [500 mg + ] you are putting your body in the danger zone. If you consume *six cups* or more there are some serious risks involved like: induced panic attacks, shaking, increased heart rate ++ so much more.

Also, consuming too much caffeine over many months can result in dependency — which can make *cutting back* more difficult due to symptoms of caffeine withdraw — migraines, fatigue ++ mental fogginess. Information overload — I know, but to learn more check it out HERE.

As college-aged girls most of us view coffee as a lifeline to staying afloat with our busy schedules, but there many natural alternatives to coffee + artificial caffeine that can still provide you with an energy boost!


First thing in the morning [even before you think of reaching for the nearest mug, fill a 16 oz cup full of ice, H2O + lemon slices. The rush of cold water + citrus will naturally boost your metabolism, which makes sense because water makes up 60% of our bodies. The lemon also stimulates your senses — waking them up quickly if you’re feeling groggy, or sluggish.


Most brewed teas have caffeine, but much less than coffee. Teas also are jam packed with antioxidants + powerful disease fighters. Black tea packs some serious heat [caffeine] + is an ideal replacement for your morning espresso. It has more caffeine than most freshly brewed teas, so it is the closest replacement to coffee.


Green tea can also be a refreshing substitute if you love the boost of energy coffee gives you, minus the jitters. Your mind + body will feel refreshed after sipping on a morning cup of green tea.


Pure pomegranate juice is sweet + tangy enough to drink individually, or it can be mixed into a smoothie. Because of the antioxidants in pomegranates it really packs a punch for boosting your energy. Drink this for a mid-day pick me up, or for your long night of studies ahead.


Kombucha is tangy flavored fermented juice that has a ton of health benefits. It contains some caffeine + vitamin B12, which helps with fatigue + can help boost your metabolism. If your metabolism gets a pick-me-up, so will your energy level + your mood.


Green juice is the perfect natural energy alternative to coffee. It is jam packed with essential vitamins, minerals + nutrients that will give you an all day long plateau of energy.


Coconut water has become increasingly popular with CHAARGies lately. It’s natural sweetener is where the metabolism boost comes in. Coconut water also is a replenisher of electrolytes — perfect to pair with your post-workout snack.


Decaf coffee eliminates almost all of the caffeine in a regular cup of joe, but still contains a small amount. This is a ideal way to decrease your caffeine intake, while still getting the coffee flavor you love.


La Croix flavored sparkling water is delicious + is recommended as a Whole 30 drink substitution for coffee. The carbonation in the water is refreshing + great to drink first thing in the morning to wake your body up.


ACV is all the rage + is recommended by everyone who’s tried it // reaped it’s benefits. Add ACV to a glass of water anytime of the day — morning, pre-workout, post-workout or before you hit the library. The potassium + enzymes in ACV boost your energy levels naturally, while the amino acids combate lactic acid build up [ideal after a killer workout].

Not to worry for all the CHAARGies [like myself] who enjoy a cup, or two of coffee in the morning — research shows moderate coffee intake can result in huge benefits. Normal amounts of caffeine can help improve attitude, mental clarity ++ it’s even shown to fight diseases, like Alzheimer’s. If all of you coffee crazed CHAARGies could slow your Starbucks visits + start to incorporate the natural alternatives to your morning Blonde Roast, you can be one step closer to being the healthiest ++ happiest versions of yourself.

+Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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