10 Apps That You Should Have On Your Phone [Beside Instagram ; )]

I have a love//hate relationship with my phone [read: My Phone Is Ruining My Life]. Lately, I’ve been trying to be very mindful of how I spend my time on my phone [+ exactly how much time I spend on it!]. Here’s an interesting experiment for you: First, guess how much time you spend on each app per day [or week!]. Then check it out… Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > Last 24 Hours [if you click on the clock icon, it will show you how many minutes//hours you have spent on each app per day!]. Shocked? I know I was.

Even though I hate on my phone, the reality is that it has improved our lives in so many beautiful ways. Exhibit A: Do you remember going on road trips as a kid + having to use a massive ATLAS [I think that’s what it was called, right?]. Thank God for Google Maps. Anyways… I wanted to share with you my favorite apps that I pretty much use on a daily basis : ).

1SE [1 Second Everyday]

I started this app in August + I’m still going strong! All you do: record one second everyday… ONE SECOND! It’s a fun way to capture your *actual* life [no filters, no thinking about captions, no trying to get the perfect shot]. There’s also a spot to add a “diary entry” if you want to talk about the video. I can’t wait to watch my year in review ; ).

Nike+ Run Club

This is my go to running app. To be honest I haven’t explored the others [I’ve heard good things about Charity Miles], so if you prefer another running app, let me know! I don’t use any of the features except tracking the distance, but I love how it’s so easy to use + reliable.


Another *basic* app — but I’m curious… to all the foodies out there, do you have another app you prefer for finding out new restaurants? If I’m on my computer, I love using Eater [just saw it has an app… might need to check it out?].


This one goes out to my yogis! I have the CorePower app to check the classes//teachers, as I bump around different locations in Chicago. I love that it updates when there’s going to be a sub


I’ve never been one to *track my steps* — but lately, I have been looking at the Health app once a week to check in with my steps. If I notice that my step count is super low, I make sure to add in more walking throughout the next week.


This is just fun to read — reminds me of my highschool days reading the horoscopes in the back of magazines. It’s a free app that gives you both a month in review, as well as a daily horoscope!

Insight Timer

FAVORITE MEDITATION APP ! <3 Thinking about starting a CHAARG Insight Timer Community… should we do it!?


Ever since reading Woman Code I’ve been very into knowing what *phase* I’m in + eating/moving/working in the ~flow~ as much as possible. It’s a great way to track your cycle!

Jesus Calling

This is a book — but I absolutely love the app version [it’s $10 — but so worth it!]. I read it every morning. The author created the devotional by listening to God, writing down whatever she believed He was saying to her — thus, they are written from Jesus’ point of view. Every passage also comes with a few related bible verses.

Find My iPhone

Okay… I had to include this one, ha. I’ve only had to use this app once, but ONCE IS ENOUGH. Get it before you need it : )

Any other apps I absolutely need? Spill!

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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